DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 6: Biggest check with Odell Beckham

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 6 biggest check with odell beckham 2016 images

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 6 biggest check with odell beckham 2016 images

How did you fare on DraftKings for week six?

Retiring to the same island as the now wealthy ref that swallowed his whistle on the Julio Jones mauling via Seattle’s entire secondary?

Or did you lose $21.75 and are looking for a new hobby or gambling option since you just can’t figure this daily fantasy football thing out?

If it’s the former, then enjoy your retirement. You deserve it since you put all your eggs in the one correct basket. The DFS basket is much more fun than riding the stock market out for 40 years anyway.

If you lost money, then you need some help tweaking your lineups. You may never find perfection on DraftKings, but you need to strive toward it. So here is the perfect roster for week six, provided by Fantasysportsco.com. It includes the main slate of games. No TNF or MNF included.

You have a hard enough time deciding on players as it is without adding those extra two games to your thought process!

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Biggest Game CheckOdell Beckham hasn’t deserved the big salary cap number he’s had all year. He’s been a headache for his team and anybody that drafted him in fantasy land. But he finally made good on Sunday with the kind of game he was known for the past two years. 222 yards is lights out for a receiver obviously.

It was 100 yards over his highest total for 2016 until this week. ODB’s 44 points also doubled his previous high on DK this season.

Space Maker – Jay Ajayi is the new big man on campus in Miami. He was a headcase early in the year as he pouted over not starting in front of Arian Foster. Once Foster got hurt and now coasts to the end of his football career, Ajayi has received a bigger workload, making the most of it.

He was basically free this week at $3500, racking up over 200 yards on the ground as the Dolphins shocked Pittsburgh.

Stacks on Stacks – For $8700 you could have picked a perfect QB and his stacked WR of perfection. Case Keenum has no business on a roster that destroyed the DFS competition. Yet there he is in black and white. Kenny Britt had a helluva highlight reel game and will be owned at a higher rate in week seven. The same can’t be said for his QB who will have to do more to gain DFSers’ trust in the coming weeks.

Lucky Pick – Golden Freaking Tate decides to produce after doing nothing for the first five weeks of the season. If he worked in any other industry, the guy would have seen the unemployment line. He was super cheap, and his cheerleader dance even cheaper. But if you had the brains to choose him on DraftKings, it paid off. I imagine a good many users drafted him by mistake, though.

Defense wins $$ – The Eagles offense is sputtering. They lost the game to Washington, yet their defense was the right one for week six if you were looking for a nice payday. The defense and special teams did 100 percent of the scoring for the team. And that’s how fantasy points are produced. These type performances are the hardest to predict, though.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick – LeSean McCoy is wrecking defenses now that the reins are off him with a new improved offensive coordinator. His is a sure thing each week, as long as he stays healthy. The value pick was Gronk, even at $6700. He is gaining momentum, and while that price is not cheap for a tight end, he is no regular tight end of course. He’s cheaper than 16 of the top wideouts, whom he can outperform on any given Sunday.

Bonus info: This week’s perfect DK lineup saw a lot of unused dollars in the salary cap. That’s useful information.

Space left over on the salary cap for the main slate of games for the first six weeks of perfect lineups is as follows:

Week 1 – $500

Week 2 – $3700

Week 3 – $3600

Week 4 – $400

Week 5 – $3900

Week 6 – $1300

As you can see, using up every salary cap dollar of your $50K is not necessary. Not even advisable in tournament play actually.