Draftkings Perfect NFL Lineup Week 3 with Trevor Siemian

draftkings perfect nfl lineup week 3 with trevor siemian 2016 images

You all had Denver’s Trevor Siemian as your daily fantasy football quarterback right?

Why not? Just because his receivers had complained about not getting the ball, on a 2-0 team at the time, didn’t mean he should be avoided on DraftKings did it?

Past performance does not indicate future results son. So a second-year passer with two games experience, and one TD in those games did not forecast a four-TD game in week three. But that’s exactly what happened.

Siemian wasn’t the only shocking member of the perfect lineup for the third week of NFL action. Let’s have a look at the intel made available at Fantasysportsco.com.

draftkings week 3 lineup winners

This lineup was for Thursday through Sunday’s games.

Biggest Game Check – T.Y. Hilton cost $6800 on DK, but made his presence felt in a Colts win over the Chargers. He hauled in eight catches for 174 yards and one score. That netted him 34.4 points on DraftKings.

Space Maker – Terrelle Pryor was a sensational bargain versus the Miami defense, which is just as bad as the Browns D. $3400 is nothing for a quality wideout in DFS.  That’s $2155 below the average roster spot if you spread each position out equally for the $50,000 allotted for your team.

Stacks on Stacks – Siemian needed just one player stacked with his brilliant performance versus the Bengals. The perfect play was to add Emmanuel Sanders, not his higher priced teammate Demaryius Thomas. Sanders went off for 117 yards and two scores. Sanders is still a bit cheaper than Thomas for the upcoming week four game. Both receivers have a lower price tag due to their QB having so few starts. That will change if Siemian is able to string together a few more performances like he had versus the Bengals.

trevor siemian fantasy football lucky pick 2016

Lucky Pick – You could say Siemian and Pryor were both lucky picks. But with Pryor, he had been a steady target over the first two games. His actual production just went way up in this third week. Siemian was the luckier pick, considering how he was just a game manager in his first two outings.

Defense wins $$ – 35 freaking points by the fantasy defense! That was the third highest scoring roster spot on this lineup. Simply incredible, and anyone that had KC as their defense had to pocket some cash this week. Snagging six Ryan Fitzpatrick passes out of the air had a lot to do with all that scoring for the Chiefs defense. My condolences if you had the Jets QB.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick –  Shady McCoy is steady and has plenty of gas left in the tank. He put on a show versus the Cards.

The tight end position is a roller coaster so we all can save money on that slot each week and it’s a crap shoot honestly. Zach Miller happened to come up big this week as he caught eight of his nine targets versus Dallas, and scored twice.

Bonus info: How many people do you imagine came close to this perfect lineup and still didn’t win big money? How’s that possible?

Well, entering the right contests is key. Even with all the right moves with player personnel, you won’t become wealthier over night if you were playing in double-up contests or head-to-heads.

You have to enter your best lineup in a huge tournament in order for perfection or near perfection to pay off.