DraftKings Perfect Lineup for Week 9 NFL: Melvin Gordon only sure thing

DraftKings Perfect Lineup for Week 9 NFL melvin gordon only sure thing 2016 images

DraftKings Perfect Lineup for Week 9 NFL: Melvin Gordon only sure thing 2016 images

You want to talk about a gangly group of guys that equaled perfection on DraftKings this week. It is unthinkable that some average sounding names like Witten and Wallace racked up 257 points.

But that’s why we DFS idiots play the virtual games each week. Just hoping to hit it big with brilliant picks that may seem moronic at the time.

No one would trust Mike Wallace to perform at a high level. The guy has always been fast, but never consistent at actually catching the football. His best quality on DK is his Kia level price tag.

Yet, if you want to hit a big pot you have to choose guys like him on the right day in order to get the points no one else saw coming.

As for the entire perfect lineup for week 9….have a look below. Courtesy of Fantasysportsco.com.

draftkings week 9 nfl winners

Biggest Game Check – There is no marquee game check this week. Melvin Gordon was the highest paid on the list at $6300, but as you can see from the total roster salary cap, there was only $41,800 used of the $50,000 available. No one had this lineup, right?

Space Maker – The whole damn roster is a space maker. You could have fit a top five fantasy player on the roster even after all the spots were filled! Latavius Murray was the best value on the low end at $4000 as he netted over 34 DK points.

Stacks on Stacks – Marcus Mariota and his wideout Rishard Matthews didn’t pick up a win on Sunday, but combined for over 54 DK points. That will happen when the total score from both teams is 78 points on the field. Memo to DK contestants: San Diego is in a shootout every single week.

Lucky Pick – Denver’s defense has not been good versus the run, but who would have guessed Murray would find the endzone 3 times on SNF? Denver is now ranked 30th against the run (total yards given up). So any back picked against them going forward can’t be considered a lucky pick.

Mark Ingram next week maybe? Let’s don’t get crazy. He blew up against SF this week, but that was likely his peak of 2016.

Defense wins $$ – San Diego’s defense will not win them a championship on the field obviously. But in the DFS universe, they did just fine. Even though they gave up 35 to Tennessee, they racked enough points with two defensive scores. One on a pick and another via fumble recovery.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick – Melvin Gordon was as sure a thing as I can point to on this roster full of up and down players. Still, Gordon has turned it up a notch the past few weeks, turning in two 35+ point performances. On tap for week 10 he faces a Dolphins team that ranks 30th against the run on DraftKings.

Bonus info: Short and sweet. Here are the offenses who will have the easiest time next week.

  • Ravens as they plow through the Browns.

  • The Chargers are at home facing the Fins.

  • Arizona hosts SF and former offensive genius Chip Kelly.

Pick against bad defenses. It’s a simple formula that requires very little research or over-thinking.