DraftKings Week 4 NFL Perfect Lineup Matt Ryan and Julio Jones combo

DraftKings Week 4 NFL Perfect Lineup matt ryan and julio jones combo 2016 images

DraftKings Week 4 NFL Perfect Lineup Matt Ryan and Julio Jones combo 2016 images

It’s a damn good week in the NFL when two of your home team players end up on the perfect DraftKings lineup. Only one of them was rostered by me on my DFS teams, but Matt Ryan and Julio Jones’ fantasy points converted into a Falcons’ win nonetheless.

Of course, their fantasy production could have come from garbage time slinging the ball around after getting behind Carolina in the Dome. Not the case, though, as the defending NFC champs look lost with only one win after week four.

And Cam Newton looked like a total dumbass by tiptoeing into the endzone and getting his jaw rocked by what we describe as a “defender” in the game of football. Cam seems to have forgotten those pesky participants have a right to hit him.

Julio Jones was the key to this week’s fantasy football draft. The wideout went insane, racking up 300 yards on 12 catches.

Ryan showed out as well. The newly inspiring QB threw for 503 yards and four touchdowns.

Ryan was a decent bargain at $7000, while Julio is always a big ticket DFS item. This week he was worth the $9200 clearly.

Take a look at the entire roster of perfection (excludes MNF). Hopefully, the lineup provided by Fantasysportsco gives you some insight on how you can improve your DFS chances next week.

draft kings week 4 nfl 2016

The season is now one-quarter over, so you have to level up in a hurry if you are gonna brag to your wife about turning $3 into $50K.

Actually, it’s best to keep any big wins like that to yourself. Losses too!

Biggest Game Check – The Falcons needed all that production that Julio Jones provided. As well as the offense played, the Falcons defense let Carolina hang around for way too long, even once Cam Newton left with a possible concussion. Fantasy owners benefitted by Atlanta having to keep battling. Julio could have been on the bench the entire fourth quarter had Carolina quit.

Space Maker – John Brown didn’t score in the 50s like my man Julio. But he was half the price of Jones and scored more than half of what Jones wound up with. So that is a space maker that produced above and beyond.

Stacks on Stacks – Ryan with Jones is not a no-brainer. The Falcons had not tried hard enough to get their best player the ball in the previous three weeks. 15 targets is what he needs to see each week. It’s not impossible. Every team knows how dangerous Antonio Brown of the Steelers is, yet they make sure and target him at a ridiculous rate (11, 11, & 18 times in the first three weeks).

Lucky Pick – Dontrelle Inman was just $3300. Playing against the Saints’ woeful defense adds some luck to every occasion. The kid out of Virginia had just 6.2 DK points last week, but the matchups are key in DFS land. Hell, I could have scored 20 fantasy points versus that defense. That’s a hint to find a cheap receiver facing the Saints each week. Sadly New Orleans is on a bye next week, so we’ll have to find another punching bag for week five.

Defense wins $$ – Defense wins $$, especially when they’re pitted against a struggling offense. Arizona is not the same team they were during the regular season last year. L.A. forced five turnovers and knocked Carson Palmer out of the game.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick –  Two Redskins wound up on the perfect money-making lineup. No shocker when playing Cleveland right? Jordan Reed was the sure thing, while Matt Jones was an added bonus that was super cheap at running back.

Bonus info: After the top three scoring receivers, the next five were bargains on DraftKings. The top scoring receivers in that mix, below $5500, were:

  • S. Smith Sr., BAL $4.5k – 28.1 points

  • D. Inman, SD $3.3k – 28 points

  • John Brown, ARI $4.3k – 27.4 points

  • E. Royal, CHI $3.5k – 27.1 points

  • W. Fuller, HOU $5.3k – 27.1 points