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Channing Tatum breakup therapy, Cardi B pregnant plus Brad Pitt MIT connection

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kristen Bell explains Channing Tatum breakup, Cardi B pregnant, Brad Pitt MIT project, Laura Ingraham returns to Fox News and Jimmy Kimmel calms down Sean Hannity feud.

Justin Bieber’s hat hate and Rita Ora taking over for Tyra Banks

A fan did not get the reaction they were expecting from Justin Bieber while at his July 16th concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Video footage from the event shows a fan throwing a hat onto the stage

Beyonce mixes up some Lemonade and Nyle DiMarco sizzling ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Beyoncé fans – aka pretty much 99% of the world population – rejoiced as the superstar singer dropped a promotional video for her upcoming project Lemonade. On Saturday, the 34-year-old posted a teaser, which showcased a caption reading “world premiere event”

Tyra Banks special delivery & Blac Chyna saving Rob Kardashian

As supermodel-turned-businesswoman Tyra Banks closes the America’s Next Top Model chapter of her life, she is smoothly transition into her new role as a mother. Last month Tyra announced that she and her boyfriend Erik Asla had welcomed a baby boy

Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Santas for 2015 Holiday Season

It is mere weeks from Christmas. I know it seems like the 2014 version of the holiday season was just a few months ago, but rest assured “it” has arrived again.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga On, Off, On While Tyra Banks Ditches Again

Unfortunately, rapper Tyga didn’t necessarily have the most joyful 26th birthday. It has been reported that his girlfriend Kylie Jenner broke up with the rapper on his special day.

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