Beyonce mixes up some Lemonade and Nyle DiMarco sizzling ‘Dancing with the Stars’

beyonce mixes up some lemonade 2016 gossip

beyonce mixes up some lemonade 2016 gossip

Beyoncé fans – aka pretty much 99% of the world population – rejoiced as the superstar singer dropped a promotional video for her upcoming project Lemonade. On Saturday, the 34-year-old posted a teaser, which showcased a caption reading “world premiere event” which is due to air on HBO on April 23.

The twenty-second clip shows the former Destiny’s Child member sporting light brown-blonde braids, as well as a lavish fur jacket. Although the screen fades to black before showing Bey’s face, she is heard saying “what am I gonna do love? What am I gonna do?”

Evidently, the promotional video doesn’t explain much about the upcoming project, but it has sparked ample speculation. On social media, many fans are suggesting that Lemonade will be an album film as the singer is due to release a new album sometime this year.

beyonce lemonade

While the Lemonade teaser came was a surprise to most, Beyoncé did seemingly foreshadow the project way back in September. On Instagram, the singer posted a series of images featuring lemons and lemonade – although she didn’t offer any explanation to what they could potentially mean.

Beyoncé, Instagram post:

beyonce lemonade promo 2016 beyonce serving up lemonade

beyonce lemons

At this time, Beyoncé has not commented or revealed anything further about Lemonade. Thus, we will most likely have to wait till April 23 to see what it is all about.

nyle di marco working dancing with the stars 2016 gossipDancing with the Stars has developed a reputation for being a show that features stars that are well past their 15 minutes of fame (for the most part). Unfortunately in most cases, these stars are unable to revive their stardom and often wind up fading back into their moderate notoriety.

However, there is one star this season that is making waves, as he has thoroughly impressed viewers, the judges and even Tyra Banks! Nyle DiMarco, who won the finale season of America’s Next Top Model, has been killing his routines alongside his partner (and professional dancer) Peta Murgatroyd. In addition, Nyle’s dance moves are even more remarkable as the model was born deaf and therefore does not have the ability to use music as his rhythmic guide.

nyle di marco sizzles underwear

On Thursday, Nyle shared a picture with America’s Next Top Model former head judge Tyra Banks, while taking a break from practicing for his upcoming performance.

Nyle, Instagram post:

nyle di marco with tyra banks dancing with the stars shot

Not surprisingly, Tyra gushed about Nyle while giving a behind-the-scenes interview on the DWTS rehearsal set. Tyra exclaimed to Nyle, “With Top Model, you were an amazing mover. I remember there was one picture you were turned upside down. You were like a fashion ghost. But I didn’t know that you had this!” She went on to say that he looks like a professional when he’s on the dance floor.

nyle di casa wet bathtub

You can catch Nyle performing when Dancing with the Stars returns on Monday, April 18 on ABC.