Justin Bieber’s hat hate and Rita Ora taking over for Tyra Banks

Justin Bieber's hat hate and Rita Ora taking over for Tyra Banks 2016 gossip

Justin Bieber's hat hate and Rita Ora taking over for Tyra Banks 2016 gossip

A fan did not get the reaction they were expecting from Justin Bieber while at his July 16th concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Video footage from the event shows a fan throwing a hat onto the stage, which they had presumably gotten as a gift for Justin. Unfortunately Justin was clearly not in the mood for fan-made gifts, as he immediately called attention to the fan. Justin was heard saying, “Take this moment to listen and try not to give me a hat or whatever you’re trying to throw onto the stage right now, because I probably don’t want that s***.”

Moments after sounding off on the well-intentioned fan, Justin realized he may have been a bit harsh. Before proceeding to his next song, Justin apologized for his brash reaction. The young singer said, “Sorry, that was mean. Sorry for throwing your hat, but you ruined the moment.”

While Justin did take the time to try and apologize to the fan (who was likely shocked by Justin’s initial response), it probably didn’t help them to hear him say that they “ruined the moment.”

Nonetheless, Justin fans will undoubtedly be thinking twice before hurling their apparently unwanted gifts on stage.

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Justin Bieber, Video:

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rita ora taking over for tyra banks 2016 gossip

After season 22 of America’s Next Top Model came to a close, supermodel Tyra Banks announced she was no longer going to host the show. Fortunately, singer Rita Ora was more than happy to take over for Tyra, who will still be an executive producer on the show.

On Friday, Rita was seen in New York City wearing a short silver ensemble as she started filming the new season of the modeling competition. Taking to her Instagram page, Rita let fans and followers know that filming was going well so far. Alongside a sultry selfie, Rita captioned, “First day of filming today went amazing.”

Rita Ora, Instagram post:

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While this is the first time Rita’s been a part of the ANTM franchise, it isn’t Rita’s first time being on a televised reality competition. In fact, Rita stepped down from her judging gig on X Factor UK back in May to take on this latest project.

Not only is the show changing up its judging panel, it is also switching networks as it will now be aired on VH1 instead of CW. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, former host Tyra Banks happily passed the baton over to Rita. Tyra revealed, “Rita and I spoke…I love her. She was like, ‘Tyra, I don’t want to fill your shoes, I want to create my own shoes.’ So I was like, ‘I got you boo.’” The model-turned-mother went on to add, “…I’m going to have a session with [Rita] in person. I’m going to give her the ins and outs, but make it you. Do you. She’s gotta make it her’s.”

While Tyra admitted that there have been some talks of her making a cameo or two on the upcoming season of the show, it will be up to Rita to carry on the franchise.