Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Beijing Drug Bust

jackie chan son jaycee busted in beijing for drugs

jackie chan son jaycee busted in beijing for drugs

For the week of August 18th the gossip mill has been hot, hot, hot. So much has happened this week that is too hot not to be discussed.

The first piece of juicy gossip for the week is that action star and actor Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was detained by Beijing, China authorities over charges related to illegal drugs, as they believe he is not only carrying, but using marijuana. An actor friend was arrested alongside Jaycee after both underwent drug testing. Authorities found and confiscated 100 grams of marijuana found in Jaycee’s house. The charges against him also include the accommodation of an individual using an illegal drug, which could result in a three year prison sentence.

When authorities raided Jaycee’s home the local news media aired the incident live, adding to the embarrassment Chan and his son must have felt to have this broadcast to their fans in China. Jaycee was filmed directing the authorities to where he was keeping the marijuana in his house, though his face was pixelated in an attempt to shield his identity. Jaycee’s management team, as well as the actor friend arrested alongside him, both spoke to the media about the incident. They delivered an apology on behalf of Jaycee and assured viewers that they would monitor his rehab experience and get him back on track with living his life abiding by the law. The actor friend also apologized and stated that he knew he had been a very bad example, presumably for not only Jaycee, but his fans as well.

As if this story isn’t embarrassing enough on its own, it becomes even more embarrassing when you find out that Jackie Chan was appointed as an anti- drug ambassador in 2009. The actor friend of Jaycee’s that was arrested along with him also appeared in an anti-drug campaign back in 2012.

In happier gossip for the week of August 18th, several celebrities are engaged or expecting. First up is Kevin Hart, who announced on Monday that he is officially engaged to Eniko Parrish, his girlfriend of five years. Hart reportedly proposed to his love on the occasion of her birthday. Ironically enough, the same day they became engaged, Hart’s ex Torrie Hart debuted a new TV show on VH1. Torrie claims that her relationship with Hart came to an end because of Parrish, but Kevin himself denies it.

In baby news, Milla Jovovich announced the impending birth of her second child with her husband. The only bad news about this is that because she is pregnant, the filming of the next Resident Evil movie is being put on hold until the actress gives birth.

To really make you feel old, the next Hollywood celebrity to become a grandfather is going to be, believe it or not, Kid Rock. At 43 years old he will be one of the younger grandfather’s in Hollywood. Kid Rock’s son, Bobby announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy on Sunday, August 17th.  She is reportedly four months along as of this week.

In not so happy gossip, Elizabeth Vargas, a reported for ABC’s newsmagazine 20/20 has just checked herself into rehab for an alcohol addiction. This is the not the first time she has had to do so and she has even publically stated that she is committed to beating her addiction to alcohol. On ABC’s part they are welcoming her back to 20/20 with open arms when she is healthy enough to return to work.

Justin Timberlake found himself in hot water this week after he tweeted a birthday message to Madonna that many found to be controversial. Though he called her a ninja, the feeling is that he used the word ninja to substitute for a word that starts with the letter N that many people find offensive.  The feeling is that the N word Timberlake used has become a common substitute for the N word he could not use. Following the controversy over this tweet, Timberlake deleted it and ended up inadvertently causing even more controversy. There have been those who have spoken out and stated that people are making too big of a deal over this. Likely this will blow over soon as the public moves on to the next celebrity they want to accuse of causing controversy.

Rumors are flying this week that a divorce between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon is imminent. Though the couple is making regular public appearances and putting photos of themselves a couple on the Internet, sources are insistent that Nick Cannon has moved out of the house he shared with Carey in preparation for ending their marriage, though it has also been reported that they are only trying a trial separation. Only time will tell if there is any truth to this rumor.

While Jonas Bros star Joe Jonas was partying in Las Vegas for his birthday this week he reportedly hung out at club in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino where he got a lap dance from a midget doing an impersonation of Miley Cyrus. There were also midgets at the party dressed as each of the three Jonas brothers.

Following the sudden and stunning suicide of Robin Williams it is rumored that one of the reasons he took his own life was that he was upset over the failure of his TV show, The Crazy Ones, after only one season. He reportedly felt that the series being cancelled was a personal failure on his part and may have worsened his depression.

Kourtney Kardashian, along with fiancé Scott Disick is fighting the former owner of their newly purchased California mansion. The mansion reportedly has several moldy rooms in it and Kardashian is accusing the man that sold them the mansion of doing nothing more than painting the rooms with mold in an attempt to hide it.

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip for the week of August 18th. Be sure to check out next week’s latest celebrity gossip right here.