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Census and redistricting Supreme Court’s next big decisions

The Supreme Court will soon be deciding on two big issues that could help or hurt Donald Trump: census and redistricting.

Apple bitten by Supreme Court ruling: App Store antitrust lawsuit moves forward

Apple's attempt at stopping a major consumer lawsuit was shot down by the Supreme Court allowing an App Store complaint to move ahead.

Why net neutrality became so controversial

Net neutrality has been around for about a decade, but many have forgotten why it's become such a controversial topic amongst tech geeks and politicians. @realDonaldTrump now wants to stop California from restoring a cable ban.

How far right will Brett Kavanaugh take Supreme Court?

Now that Brett Kavanaugh marks the sixth Supreme Court justice nominated by Republicans, how far to the right will the high court swing?

Brett Kavanaugh exoneration check plus Rob Rosenstein delayed by Trump

Brett Kavanaugh got one major fact wrong in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, and Donald Trump delays Rob Rosenstein meeting again until next week.

Supreme Court gives cellphones more privacy plus net neutrality

Supreme Court rules 5-4 that search warrant needed for cellphone location data and Assemblyman Miguel Santiago feels repercussions after gutting net neutrality measure.

Supreme Court hears from Hawaii on Donald Trump’s travel ban

The spotlight is once again on Donald Trump's controversial travel ban that has had trouble getting through the courts, and the state of Hawaii is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to not grant the administration's emergency request

Court allows Kim Davis to be sued by same sex couple

I cannot agree more with the three judges of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision to allow a same-sex married couple to sue Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who denied marriage licenses to gay couples in 2015.

If the Senate ‘goes nuclear,’ what does that mean?

The word 'nuclear' alone is enough to send shivers up ones back, but when President Donald Trump encourages Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to 'go nuclear,' for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch

Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch vs Antonin Scalia

President Donald Trump definitely made a smart move of picking Neil M. Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee to take media attention off of his disastrous 'ban' weekend.

Can the Supreme Court avoid a deadlock if election dispute occurs?

With an election like this one, nothing would be a surprise any longer with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One question that seems to be ignored is if the election results turn into a nasty dispute

Abigail Fisher & Affirmative Action Expiration Dates

With the recent talk about the Supreme Court case involving Abigail Fisher, a white woman who brought a suit against the University of Texas-Austin because she was denied admission due to affirmative action quotas

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