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Has the Kardashian curse caught up to Kanye West?

What is happening to Kanye West? Lately, I find myself asking this question often. As someone who keeps up with the world of entertainment and with Kanye constantly at the forefront of news on a daily basis, it’s hard not to think about him.

Lamar Odom’s Love Ranch Tops Google’s 2015 Search Beating Ronda Rousey & Caitlyn Jenner

In a year that saw Bruce Jenner transform into Caitlyn Jenner and the seemingly invincible UFC star Ronda Rousey get taken out by Holly Holm, that those would have been the biggest Google search terms of the year, but Caitlyn's son-in-law, Lamar Odom beat them all to the top of the charts.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kardashian Ills & Chris Brown Chills

It's been a big week of celebrity gossip from nearly Kardashian vying for the spotlight, Miley Cyrus showing off and Chris Brown chilling it down.

The Media Exploitation Of Caitlyn Jenner: For the Record

On June 1st, the world was introduced to Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner the Olympic athlete and patriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Such a fuss had been made about his transforming from a man to woman and we were inundated with interviews

Caitlyn Jenner: Sensationalism at its Finest or a Serious Subject?

Bruce Jenner. The name holds more weight nowadays as that of a celebrity socialite, a Kardashian. It’s crazy to think that in the 1970s, Jenner was synonymous with track and field.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Absolutely Fierce Darling!

“Meet Caitlyn” is the headline splashed across the cover of Vanity Fair in front of the newly revealed Caitlyn Jenner. And Caitlyn is absolutely Fierce Darling!

Caitlyn Jenner is Born, Kim Kardashian Kanye Expect Another: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

It’s Tusday my beauties and there is all kinds of news to report from the rebirth of Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner and a new expecting birth for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Shane Mclendon Takes on Bruce Jenner Part 2

Part 2 of the "About Bruce" special continued with more round table talk between Bruce Jenner and his daughters. The same concerns were discussed, and it seemed like the kids just wanted to know fully what was going on. No more secrets from Bruce.

Shane Mclendon Takes on Bruce Jenner Part 1

Unless you have been under a rock for the past couple of months, you must have at least heard about the Bruce Jenner situation. The former Olympic stud and member of the Kardashian family has been in the news for his desire to transform into a female.

A Conservative’s View on the Transition of Bruce Jenner Part 2

In the second episode of the two part special “About Bruce,” the stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians delve further into what the long time patriarch of the family, Bruce Jenner, journey is like as he transitions into a woman.

A Conservative’s View on the Transition of Bruce Jenner Part 1

It is not often that reality TV, on any channel, takes a moment to get away from all the trash, all the ratchedness, and all the superfluity that they consistently pump into the minds of those who watch the craziness.

My Problem with Bruce Jenner Part 2

Part 2 of the About Bruce special was just as revealing as part 1! It becomes extremely clear that Khloe is not handling the situation well at all. While some people threw major shade at Kim for supposedly not taking her father’s news well, Khloe (at least in front of the cameras) seems to be handling things much worse.

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