Has the Kardashian curse caught up to Kanye West?

has the kardashian curse caught up to kanye west 2016 opinion

has the kardashian curse caught up to kanye west 2016 opinion

What is happening to Kanye West? Lately, I find myself asking this question often. As someone who keeps up with the world of entertainment and with Kanye constantly at the forefront of news on a daily basis, it’s hard not to think about him. People have a lot to say about the rapper, with his erratic social media conduct and just all around crazier than usual antics. But at this point, we need to stop looking at what he’s doing as a source of entertainment and consider it to be a cry for help.

I honestly believe that Kanye West is having a mental and emotional breakdown right now. From his Twitter beefs and demanding Silicon Valley billionaires to invest in him (instead of building a school in Africa) to his over the top self-indulgent posts, he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Yeezus needs professional help, and I don’t mean that jokingly. What we are seeing right now is the unfolding of a musical genius who, if not properly supported, could succumb to the fate that so many greats before him have met.

Kanye’s public undoing leads me to two possible reasons for his careless behavior- the pressure of being a part of the Kardashian family and the lingering grief from the loss of his mother.

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece about how the Kardashian women are maneaters that seem to destroy the men in their lives. In the article, I said that out of all the men they have been with or come across, Kanye West will stand as the only one to get out or continue unscathed. I was wrong.

I firmly believe that the constant spotlight and critical eye of everyone from his mother-in-law Kris Jenner to his wife Kim Kardashian have gotten to the Chicago-born producer. I mean, think about it, they give the facade of a perfectly connected, filthy rich family. Kim has a persona to maintain that sometimes causes her to do things that are unrealistic, unhealthy or not smart. She has an empire based on self-exploitation and I don’t doubt that she is a lot like her mother, whom former nannies have said can be a pretty damn scary.

Now I get it. When you have achieved their level of success (regardless of the path taken), you create a kind of God complex that makes you out of touch with reality. But Kanye is so far gone that us ordinary folks look like ants running around trying to store for the winter. Kanye’s keeping up with the Kardashians has taken a toll on him. They have unraveled him.

kanye west mother dondeThe other factor in his meltdown rests in the death of his mother. Kanye West was a momma’s boy. Losing your parent is already hard enough, and when the loss is the closest person to you, it changes you. I know from experience what happens to your mind when your parent dies. My father died suddenly and without a lot of warning, and it devastated me. I am still devastated, six years later. I don’t quite know how to explain it scientifically, but there are days when I feel like I might lose my mind because the grief is always there, coupled with guilt.

Kanye has rapped about contemplating suicide, going through depression and a host of other things that usually come up for people who experience severe loss. These feelings are expected, but when you suppress them thinking that your music is the only way to handle them, you eventually realize laying 16 bars isn’t going to work.

kanye west with kardashian women 2016 opinion

His most recent Twitter tirade aimed at Deadmau5 solidifies for me that there is something very wrong with Kanye, beyond his typical arrogance and pettiness. He was all over the place, didn’t make sense and came off extremely disturbed. And with the rumors of an impending divorce from Kim K. even heavier than usual, I bet his antics are causing a rift in their marriage. He’s making a fool of himself.

Ye is in trouble and beyond probable case that there aren’t enough people around him who understand what’s going on, he is more than likely not in a head space to even listen.

Pray for Ye.