Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kardashian Ills & Chris Brown Chills

enrique iglesias hand job cut 2015 gossip

kim kardashian sick chris brown pot 2015 images

First up in this week’s celebrity gossip is Bruce Jenner’s official transformation from male to female. Jenner is now known as Caitlyn and her story was featured on the Today Show because the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine shows Caitlyn in a white strapless dress. Caitlyn Jenner already has a huge Twitter following and is thanking her fans for their support in her quest to become a woman.kim kardashian sick pregnancy again 2015 gossipKim Kardashian has just announced that she is pregnant with her second child with Kanye West. She took to Twitter this week to vent about her morning sickness. At an event earlier this week Kim stated that the morning sickness from her second pregnancy is worse than her first one.

gwyneth paltrow time magazine 2015 gossip

In a recent interview with Time Magazine Gwyneth Paltrow made it clear that she is not pleased with the fact that while business men aren’t compared to each other by the media yet business women are subjected to comparisons to other business women. She said the generalizations and comparisons bother her and that they make it seem like women in business just want to trump other women in business.

justin bieber court for hitting mans car 2015 gossip

Justin Bieber is in hot water after getting into an altercation last autumn with paparazzi in which Bieber hit the man’s car. He pled guilty in court this week and now has to pay a fine of $750.

selena gomez rehab style 2015 gossip

The rumors have been swirling lately that Selena Gomez had entered a rehab facility, a claim which she is vehemently denying. Using her Instagram Gomez posted earlier this week that she is sick of the rumors about her and that, in her words, the media lies about who she is.

bruce jenner petition to strip gold medal wont happen 2015 gossip

Now that Bruce Jenner has officially made the transformation to Caitlin Jenner he faces being stripped of the decathlon gold medal he won at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. There is a petition going around to make this happen and the reasoning behind it is that if he has always felt that he is a woman he can’t keep the medal he won in the men’s competition. “Bruce Jenner won his gold medal in the 1976 Olympic Games and there is no issue for the IOC,” communications director Mark Adams told Yahoo on Thursday, using Jenner’s name from before she announced her transition this year.


bruce jenner kris jenner divorce secrets 2015 gossip

Bruce’s transformation to Caitlin has helped him open up about his divorce from Kris Jenner. According to Caitlin, Bruce and Kris always had a power struggle during their marriage after the family rose to fame thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Caitlin also said that Kris was less tolerant after the show became a success than she had been before and that it changed their relationship.

rob kardashian fat mess rehab 2015 gossip

Other Kardashian clan gossip includes the rumors that Rob recently checked himself into a rehab facility. A friend of Rob’s told the media that he is in a 60 day recovery program but that the sixty days could be extended if there is a need for it.

mila kunis stalker caught 2015 gossip

In better celebrity gossip news, Mila Kunis’s stalker has been apprehended, much to her relief. The man had recently escaped from a California Behavioral Center and cops found him in a local alleyway. During the time he was stalking Mila he showed up at her house and the gym where she works out.

chris brown pot smoking 2015 gossip

Bad boy Chris Brown continues to prove that he never learns as he was recently spotted by a flight attendant smoking weed on a private jet. He angrily told the flight attendant that it was his plane and he could smoke weed on it if he wanted to.

enrique iglesias hand job cut 2015 gossip

Enrique Iglesias is nursing a hand injury he recently acquired during a concert in Tijuana. In his attempt to hold a drone with a camera on it, he accidently sliced his hand, leading to surgery the next day. A spokesperson for Iglesias has reported that he also fractured his hand, but is expected to fully heal within a few weeks.

iggy azalea new music direction birthday 2015 gossip

Much to her fans’ chagrin Iggy Azalea has canceled her upcoming concert tour. She told a magazine that the reason she did so was that she had been inspired to go in a different direction with her music and she wanted to get started on it. She also said that she needs a break from touring because she has been on the road for two years. Though another reason she may want to take a break from work is that she recently got engaged during a birthday party for her boyfriend. He reportedly proposed in front of his party guests and she accepted.

tracy morgan after walmart accident 2015 gossip

In a touching Today show interview with Tracy Morgan he tearfully said that he couldn’t wait to be able to make his fans laugh again. Tracy hasn’t worked since he was involved in a tour bus crash that killed his friend. He confessed that he will not be ready to perform again until he has regained full control of his memory and his motor skills.

chad michael murray dowdy wive sarah roemer baby 2015 gossip

Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer celebrated the birth of their first child this week. The only detail they have revealed is that they had a boy.

full house reboot show cast john stamos 2015 gossip

The Netflix reboot of Full House has reportedly just added Bob Saget to the cast. While Lori Laughlin and John Stamos are also part of the new cast they have stated that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are not expected to appear on the show. Otherwise, the majority of the original cast is expected to return in the new series.

chris pratt bulge pledge of allegiance flag 2015 gossip

Chris Pratt recently posted a video to his Facebook page showing that he taught his young son to say the pledge of allegiance. Pratt said he had wanted to post the video on Memorial Day but was not able to because he was in a foreign country and couldn’t get his phone to let him post it.

miley cyrus instagram sexy pose 2015 gossip

Proving that she has become completely trashy Miley Cyrus recently posted a picture on her Instagram account where her tank top was sliding off of her, revealing a glimpse of one of her breasts. This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows her on Instagram.

miley cyrus bikini shots 2015 gossip

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip. Check back next week for even more rumors.