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Netflix fights Georgia choice ban, Jonas Brothers ‘Blood,’ Chris Brown Paris no-show

Hollywood might be staying quiet about Georgia's abortion ban, but Netflix if fighting it now. Jonas Brothers memoir coming, Britney Spears back in court while Chris Brown does a Paris no show with rape allegation.

R. Kelly: Why do we keep defending him?

After giving R. Kelly so many free passes, isn't it time we stop enabling his destructive behavior?

Chris Brown’s legal troubles back

Chris Brown seems to have his name more times in the press for legal issues it seems. He's had one scrape after another, but it seems he's been able to circumvent any real problems.

Nia Guzman vs Chris Brown and Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp abuse

Amber Heard dropped a bombshell claiming Johnny Depp abused her physically the day his latest movie opens, Nia Guzman opens fire on Chris Brown and Troy Ave has been arrested in connection with the TI concert shooting.

Tamar Braxton Reality, Madonna defends and Chris Brown stylist

Tamar Braxton's 'leaving' The Real has brought up more reasons why she left/got fired. Madonna hit back at critics of her Prince tribute and Chris Brown feels he knows how to dress his child best.

Drake opens on Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Prince Chris Brown combo

Drake has finally opened up about his time with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj while Monica continues on with Shannon Brown. Prince was ready to mentor Chris Brown during his bad years

Chris Brown keeps it shady and ‘Catfish’ Nev Schulman feels tweet heat with racism

Chris Brown continues proving what a bully he is with women, Janet Jackson is irritating fans with no refunds and "Catfish" creator Nev Schulman felt the Twitter-verse turn quickly with just one tweet.

Heroes & Zeros: The Panama Papers vs Chris Brown

This week’s Hero is a political and economic event that proves just how messed up our world is, and the Zero is a singer who keeps showing his ass.

Beyonce gets Ivy Park worked up and Chris Brown suicide slam slapdown

Beyonce launched Ivy Park, Lululemon tried dissing it but got stung by the BeyHive and Chris Brown's suicide comments on Khelani got him slapped down.

Chris Brown gives Donald Trump some F’s & Khloe Kardashian backtracks on celibacy

Chris Brown has his say on Donald Trump and may get the FBI coming to visit him now, Khloe Kardashian backtracks quickly on her sex comments regarding Ciara and Russell Wilson choosing to stay pure for their wedding.

Amber Rose turns Kanye West diss into dollar signs & Chris Brown baby asthma woes

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna certainly know how to work that Kardashian clan for that coin and Joseline Hernandez shut down Stevie J by threatening to out him. Chris Brown just can't stay on the right side of any women

Chris Brown Cleared & Iggy Azalea takes on Talib Kweli

Chris Brown was able to avoid another legal issue, Iggy Azalea is now taking on Talib Kweli over a Macklemore song and Chris Rock's 'people' claim the comic isn't changing his Oscar monologue after the boycott issue arose.

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