Chris Brown Cleared & Iggy Azalea takes on Talib Kweli

chris brown cleared 2016 gossip

Chris Brown was able to avoid another legal issue, Iggy Azalea is now taking on Talib Kweli over a Macklemore song and Chris Rock’s ‘people’ claim the comic isn’t changing his Oscar monologue after the boycott issue arose.

chris brown cleared 2016 gossipChris Brown Cleared in Groupie Abuse Incident

Remember the chick who claimed Chris Brown hit her in the face at a private Las Vegas party earlier this month? Well, he has been cleared and will not face any criminal charges. Mainly because the policed determined it didn’t happen.

Liziane Gutierrez, who seems to be a kind of groupie that makes her rounds with famous men, accused the singer of punching her in the face because she pulled out her phone to take a picture of him during the party.

The cops, according to TMZ, didn’t believe the story because there just wasn’t enough evidence to support her claims. Shocking! Brown hitting Gutierrez would be especially hard being that according to Chris, his boys wouldn’t even let her into the after party.

This isn’t the first time Liziane as cried foul over rejection by one of R&B’s leading men. She was caught on video last August trying to get onto Janson Derulo’s bus. She was denied access then as well.

iggy azalea takes on talib kweli 2016 gossipIggy Azalea Beefs with Talib Kweli Over Macklemore Song

Rapper Macklemore has gotten some heat and love for his new song “White Privilege II.” In it, he calls out the likes of Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea and even himself for culturally appropriating black folks.

“The culture was never yours to make better.”

Iggy, who is known for getting all up in her feelings in social media, did not appreciate his calling her out in the song. Her response to a question from a fan on Twitter shows her displeasure with the name drop.

“He shouldn’t have spent the last 3 yrs having friendly convos and taking pictures together at events etc. if those were his feelings.”

Now it is clear that the song is not about dissing her or even about guilting her but merely about the fact that people, usually those who are so far gone in privilege that they don’t see it, commit cultural appropriation without hesitation. Especially if it makes them look cool or is the “it” thing to do. Rap legend Talib Kweli summed up the truth about Iggy’s response in one single tweet.

“The fact @iggyazalea thinks Macklemore song was a diss to her, instead of actually listening, is proof of her privilege. F**k Iggy Azalea… “True story. I actually rooted for Iggy when she first came out…But she’s disrespected hip-hop culture one too many times.”

From there’s a back, and forth that goes a little something like this:

“@TalibKweli I actually love hip-hop, I wouldn’t endure the amount of shit I get if I didn’t. maybe I don’t showcase it in the way you like.”

“@IGGYAZALEA with all due respect, boo fucking hoo. Not here to here about what you have to “endure” when ppl in Flint being poisoned.”

“@TalibKweli I didn’t ever tweet ni**a and part of the problem is people tweet that (like you just did) as if its facts and then others see it… but I do love it. Maybe I don’t tweet as much about political issues or go about things the way Macklemore does.”

Iggy does get a lot of heat but what do you expect when the industry you’re in doesn’t accept you?

chris rock oscar monologue change 2016 gossipChris Rock Changes Oscars’ Opening Monologue?

This year’s Oscars awards ceremony has been a hot topic of debate. From black celebrities boycotting to everyone giving their two cents on the situation, the pressure is on the Academy. It is also on the host, Chris Rock.

Some people feel that he should boycott the Oscars as well by not hosting, but he has confirmed that he will be doing no such thing. Furthermore, reports claim that he has altered his opening monologue to make mention of the lack of diversity controversy. Reginald Hudlin, one of the show’s producers, seems to be the source of the rumor. He told Entertainment Tonight,

“Chris is hard at work. He and his writing staff locked themselves in a room…As things got a little provocative and exciting, he said, ‘I’m throwing out the show I wrote and writing a new show.’”

Rock and his people, however, deny the rumors and released a statement to the Hollywood Reporter saying,

“Regarding Reggie Hudlin’s comments about Chris Rock’s Oscar hosting duties, neither he nor anyone else speaks for Chris… Chris has made no decisions about the content of the show. All will be revealed on February 28th. We will not comment further on this.”

Just adding my two cents here, so what if he did or does change the monologue, I am sure hosts do it all the time. In fact, it’s fitting for him to do so to reflect the hoopla, but knowing Chris Rock, he already has jokes about the lack of diversity from years past.