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Kanye West declares death to CDs & Kim Kardashian needed some attention

It's a new week and already Katt Williams was jumped at Beanie Sigel's concert, Jada Pinkett-Smith finally responded to Chris Rock, Kanye West declares cds over and his wife Kim Kardashian, needy for attention, posed nude for a selfie.

Chris Rock aims for Jada Pinkett Smith & Kylie Jenner trademark battle looms

Kat Williams fires on Kevin Hart, Chris Rock set his sites on Jada Pinkett Smith at the Academy Awards and Kylie Jenner's taking on Kylie Minogue for a trademark battle.

Academy Awards 2016 ready for Hollywood diversity showdown

The Academy Awards has had even more press than usual this year immediately after the nominations were announced, but much of the spotlight hasn't been really wanted.

Miley Cyrus ready to lick Christina Aguilera’s button & Chris ready to Rock white Oscars

After having superstars Taylor Swift and Rihanna in the key advisor role, NBC’s The Voice had some big shoes to fill when casting their upcoming season’s advisor.

Chris Brown Cleared & Iggy Azalea takes on Talib Kweli

Chris Brown was able to avoid another legal issue, Iggy Azalea is now taking on Talib Kweli over a Macklemore song and Chris Rock's 'people' claim the comic isn't changing his Oscar monologue after the boycott issue arose.

Heroes & Zeros: Black Religious Leaders & Chris Rock

The latest heroes and zero are a group of religious black pastors who tell Trump “hell no” and an actor/comedian (Chris Rock) who's not sure if he has an adoptive daughter?

Lamar Odom’s Long Road Ahead & Chris Rock Baby Update

Lamar Odom's condition is still rather bleak with a long road ahead, Patti Labelle met with pieman James Wright and Chris Rock's baby drama still going on.

EMPIRE 201 Caged Cookie, Lesbian Orgies & Devils Are Here Recap

If nothing else, Empire surely kept to his spectacular plot lines and fantastical twists in the season two opener.

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