Lamar Odom’s Long Road Ahead & Chris Rock Baby Update

lamar odoms long road ahead 2015 gossip

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did and I am back to give you just a little more of the antics of the rich and famous. Lamar Odom‘s condition is still rather bleak with a long road ahead, Patti Labelle met with pieman James Wright and Chris Rock’s baby drama still going on.

lamar odoms long road ahead 2015 gossipLamar Odom Recovery Will be a Long Road

There is no doubt that Lamar Odom being alive right now is a miracle. And while we are happy he is among the land of the living, his road to recovery is without its challenges.

He spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital, of course, surrounded by loved ones as his is not expected to leave the facilities anytime soon. The question that remains for his family members, friends and fans is will he ever be the same. According to Radar Online, the answer to that question is still up in the air.

The thing about his condition right now is that he apparently doesn’t know what led to his hospitalization and brain injury. He is not sure but according to a source close to People Magazine, the “extensive damage” he sustained more than likely means his prognosis is pretty bleak.

“Lamar Odom has made some progress, but his cognitive impairment is making life very challenging,” an insider explained, adding that Lamar Odom is not yet able to walk unassisted, and continues to have a tough time communicating verbally.”

Well, at least he has Khloe by his side right?

Patti Gives in and Meets James Wright

It seems like Patti LaBelle has changed her tune as she spent her Thanksgiving with the man responsible for the sell out of her pies. If you remember, last week she told TMZ that her pies were selling out before James Wright did his YouTube video about her sweet potatoes pies. And James could not be more happy about it.

“This has been the best Thanksgiving ever, and it’s also been the best birthday ever and I’m very very grateful… “And at this point in my life I’m kind of speechless but we serve an awesome God a God that can change your life around in less than a second I seek Him so I can be more and more like Him daily like I always say when I’m done the whole world is going to be smiling. Thank you, Ms. Patti Labelle.”” Wright wrote on his Facebook page.

There is no doubt it was and in all honesty, it should have been.

Pilar Sanders Order to Pay Up in Deion Sanders Defamation Suit

Let what happened to Pilar Sanders be a lesson to everyone  who wants to get back at their husband- it doesn’t pay to lie.

Well, actually it does pay if you are Deion Sanders. Pilar falsely accused him of abusing her while they were married and he brought a defamation of character lawsuit against her last December. Along with the $2 million she has been ordered to pay him, he has been awarded sole custody of their threes children.

Deion served Pilar divorce papers in December 2011 after the two had been married for 13 years. She also claimed that he would only give her money for their kids if she has sex with him.

Pilar, according to TMZ, the money are just funds that will come out of money Deion was to pay her in their divorce settlement. So it’s not like she has to pay him, pay him.

That’s a good way to look at it right?

chris rock baby drama 2015 gossipChris Rock Baby Situation Figured Out?

So if you don’t know what has been going on with Chris Rock, the story goes he has been denying a baby that his wife “adopted” when they were married. The baby is from South African and supposedly had been living with the family for the past several years.

Well now, according to TMZ, the girl has been in the U.S. on a B2 “visitor for pleasure” visa. But for whatever reason, it seemed that Chris was trying to deny the child.

His ex-wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, has now spoken out on the situation. According to People,

“Although Chris Rock is a celebrity, Malaak and the children are not. Protecting the privacy of her family remains of utmost importance to Malaak. She is saddened by recent tabloid media reports, which are full of erroneous speculation and inaccuracies that are hurtful to three innocent young girls. While the adoption by Malaak is not yet finalized, it is actively in process under the rigorous guidelines and safeguards of international adoption policy.”

Divorce is always a hard situation and in the world of the rich and famous, that is especially true.