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Lamar Odom’s Long Road Ahead & Chris Rock Baby Update

Lamar Odom's condition is still rather bleak with a long road ahead, Patti Labelle met with pieman James Wright and Chris Rock's baby drama still going on.

Heroes & Zeros: Patti Labelle & Patti Labelle

The latest hero and zero is the same person, because sometimes you can turn your win into a loss when you don’t know how to humble yourself. For that very reason, I am renaming this week’s piece to winner and loser.

Patti Labelle Fails On James Wright But She Finally Did Right

For some reason, this whole thing with Patti LaBelle and her pies has got me all in my feelings. It’s not the selling out and making millions of dollars in a week that has got me feeling a certain kind of way.

Jared Fogle’s ‘Mild’ Rubs Wrong & Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Shade

So, Jared Fogle was able to get his sentence reduced down to fifteen years with a 'mild pedophilia' claim, diva Patti Labelle shows some graceful shade on that YouTube viral video review of her sweet potato pie and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Porsha Williams wants more support

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