Jared Fogle’s ‘Mild’ Rubs Wrong & Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Shade

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So, Jared Fogle was able to get his sentence reduced down to fifteen years with a ‘mild pedophilia’ claim, diva Patti Labelle shows some graceful shade on that YouTube viral video review of her sweet potato pie and “Real Housewives of AtlantaPorsha Williams wants more support after her break-up with Duke Williams. Karreuche Tran still can’t stop talking about Chris Brown either, and vice versa.

jared fogle mild rubs wrong 2015 gossipJared Fogel sentenced to 15 years

From a lot of people’s view, justice was served in Jared Fogel’s child porn case. The ex-Subway spokesperson received 15 years and eight months in prison which was jus a little over three years longer than the federal prosecutors requested.

When a psychiatrist testifying on behalf of Jared Fogle suggested that Fogle suffered from “mild pedophilia,” the term drew a quick backlash — and not just from the masses on social media.

In the wake of a diagnosis that has become the subject of scrutiny, scorn, and more than a few you-can’t-be-serious quips, The Indianapolis Star reached out to experts in various fields to get their opinion on “mild pedophilia.”

In short, many experts acknowledge there are, indeed, degrees of pedophilia reflective on how one acts on those impulses. That said, all agreed the term is not an accepted diagnosis and, worse, could be hurtful and damaging to victims.

“This is demeaning to what children experience,” said Ed Pereira, a clinical social worker at the Family Service Society in Marion who has counseled sex offenders in Indiana for 35 years. “Any sexual abuse is about betrayal, self-centeredness. It leaves children questioning their worth.”

Federal Judge Tanya Walton Pratt also did not take kindly to the term: “There’s no such thing as being a mild pedophile,” she said during Thursday’s sentencing hearing for Fogle. “That’s not a diagnosis.”

Pratt then sentenced the former Subway sandwich pitchman to 15 years, eight months in prison after Fogle pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography and crossing state lines to have sex with underage prostitutes.

Fogel will be eligible for parole in 2029. While his attorneys tried to argue that the charged were “somewhat mitigated by the fact that he had only had sex with teenage girls who were 16 and 17 years old, not young children,” according to CNN.com, the judge didn’t buy it.

It is beyond disgusting that that was their argument, but they didn’t have anything else to say for their client, who said the evident collected against him showed that he said, “the younger, the better.”

In addition to his sentence, he has been ordered to pay $1.4 million to 14 victims and a $175,000 fine.

It serves him right for being deplorable.

pattie labelle shows sme sweet potato shade 2015 gossipPatti Labelle Queen of Shade… YouTube Video Didn’t Sell her Pies

Don’t get it, twisted people, Patti Labelle is a force all her own, and she’s letting everyone know that the little YouTube video about her pies is not the reason they sold out.

Now she loves the “YouTube Guy” but according to her, people are loving it because of her, not because of the video. When asked by TMZ how the pie sales are going she  and if she is going to ask they guy who sang her praises to do more videos she says:

patti labelle pie review 2015 gossip

“I did it myself… I was selling out before the guy [James] did it.”

Okay, Patti get it, you have a brand and an image, but boo, boo, you know what we know. That man helped to skyrocket the sales of your pies. I didn’t even know about them until the video. I mean when you can’t get one from any Wal-Mart in a 15-mile radius, you have to know that it was more than your beautiful and celebrity ways.

But she really did keep is sweet. She had nothing but good things to say about James and even agreed with the cameraman that he is a wonderful man with a beautiful voice.

Throwing shade and love at the same time. Spoken like a true diva. Go Patti!

rhoa porsha williams wants more support for duke 2015 gossipPorsha Williams Hurt by Lack of Support for her Failed Duke Williams Relationship?

I don’t really know what it matters now being that the relationship is over, but Porsha Williams has opened up about her relationship with Duke Williams that recently went south.  In an interview with Bravo, she addresses the scene from last week’s episode in which she threw him a party and her friends and business partners had some less than friendly things to say about their relationship.

“… I have to say I was surprised…I feel like when I’m in a relationship, I’m at my best. I’ve always said, once I get my business in order, everything is good. If your personal life is good and you have a solid support system at home, you can go conquer the world… I think they were coming from a place of what would happen if I break up with that individual, and that could possibly be true.”

She also had something to say about the rumors people have been saying about her ex.

“I was shocked as hell. Honestly, I didn’t know all that gossiping was going on. Later when I found out, I was pissed. I was really upset because, as you can see, I put a lot into that freaking party.”

It is clear that she feels a certain kind of way about the whole situation, and it probably has everything to do with the fact that she was publicly embarrassed, and there is a TV show that forever solidifies it.

But that’s just my guess.

karrueche tran calls out chris brown again 2015 gossipKarrueche Tran calls Chris Brown Petty?

For all those who are hoping Karrueche Tran will eventually play mommy to Chris Brown’s daughter baby Royalty, forget that dream because there is no reunion in sight for these two.

Their subliminal messages via social media and face to face confrontations are clear indications that they are not feeling each other any longer, and just when you think it could be over, Karrrueche fan’s incite pettiness.

According to Urbanislandz.com, Chris Brown posted a video with an Asian woman dancing with the caption, “Check out BAE on the left.”

Karrueche’s fans tagging her in the video and more than likely the lyrics to his new song “Zero” in which he says, “I remember when we used to be in love / Now you Hollywood, tryna get your name up / Now when I look at you, all I see is a stranger” I bet are the reasons she posted her own video in which she asks, “To be petty or to not be petty, that is the question?”

You are right Karrueche; that is indeed the question.