Heroes & Zeros: The Panama Papers vs Chris Brown

heroes & zeros the panama papers 2016 opinion

heroes & zeros the panama papers 2016 opinion

This week’s Hero is a political and economic event that proves just how messed up our world is, and the Zero is a singer who keeps showing his ass.

Hero – The Panama Papers

It’s really the people/journalist behind the release of the Panama Papers that are the Heroes. It’s considered the largest information leak in history and it’s damn sure time that the information in the 11.4 million documents is known.

Nearly 400 individuals have mulled over the information contained in the Panama Papers for a little over a year. Yes, the data was stolen from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, but so fucking what. The information is of global interest.

The Panama Papers is a series of emails and documents that tell on the richest and most powerful people in the world. One of the biggest named leaders is Vladimir Putin, who as much as he tried and is trying to distance himself from the situation, can’t. Another prominent name is Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, the Prime Minister of Iceland who has stepped down from his position because of the leak. What these papers reveal is corruption at the highest levels of leadership. They show how the rich stay rich and why the poor remains poor.

No one is stupid to the inner workings of government at levels that are way above most of our pay grades. We don’t have a play by play of what goes on, but you best believe that most sane people know that there are some pretty fishy, unethical and downright harmful things that take places at the top.

These documents are so important and citizens everywhere should take notice and interest. No, fuck that! Citizens everywhere need to read them and get a damn good understand of what the papers means so that we can change shit. I am all about changing shit.

Bravo, kudos and “hell yea” to the “anonymous source” that contacted Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper with the data. And “right on” to the people who had the guts to let the whole world in on the cruel, unfortunate and debilitating practices of the men and women sworn to hold our best interests at heart.

They are the real MVP.

heroes & zeros chris brown 2016 opinion

Zero – Chris Brown

Here is the thing about Chris Brown- He’s becoming a bad joke. I dare say, a sad song. I mean, the way he thinks and represents himself, it’s like, “Fuck boy alert, everybody take cover.” This guy is a major zero for none r reason than he’s a hypocrite. Breezy, how the hell are you going to talk about a person getting what they “deserve” because they cheated (supposedly) but yet you are notorious for cheating. Like, you are one of the biggest, unapologetic cheaters on the block.

The thing that makes his comments about Kehlani’s attempted suicide even more damaging is that he showed no remorse or concern for her or his friend Kyrie Irving. I know he thought he was riding for his homie, but even the NBA player tweeted his condolences and positive thoughts to his ex. With that, let’s just call a fucking spade a spade when it comes to this fuck boy- Chris Brown is a bully.

He knows it’s not a good look to physically bully people anymore, so he uses his words. I’m like my dude, you have a great talent, and make dope music. Why the hell are you so damn inconsiderate? Then I remember a fundamental fact about fuck boys- they are misogynists. How could I forget that?

This guy stays in hot water and we, surprisingly, keep forgiving him. He definitely crossed the line and displayed a piss poor example of manhood with his social media tirade against a woman who probably is dealing with some really messed up shit. You cannot portray yourself as “Father of the year” and then turn around and say, “Fuck women.” That makes you fake as hell. In Chris Brown’s case, he’s so full of himself that he can’t even see how his two personas don’t agree. He probably feels justified in the way he talks to and about women because as they say, “A hoe is a hoe.” Get the hell out of here with that shit man.

Chris Brown’s hypocrisy, his double standard, misogyny and all around wackness “calling out” Kehlani makes him a MAJOR zero.