Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak

jennifer lawrence photo leak

jennifer lawrence photo leak

As the weather turns cooler the gossip in Hollywood just gets hotter. This week’s lineup includes the release of some steamy pics that were never meant to be seen by the public. Here is this week’s dose of intrigue, rumors and celebrity gossip.

Up first is the leaking of nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. Unlike other celebrities, Lawrence won’t let the recent rash of leaked nude photos turn her world upside down. In next month’s edition of Vanity Fair the cover story is all about Lawrence. She states within the story that her being an actress does not make it alright that intimate photos of her were released to the public without her knowledge or consent. Lawrence goes on to say that she wanted to write something to her fans addressing the leaking of the photos. However, whenever she tried to write anything she wasn’t happy about it. Lawrence says she didn’t feel the need to apologize to her fans because the leaked pictures were taken for a previous boyfriend whom she lived far away from. She feels that her pictures being leaked are not a crime or even a scandal it is simply a violation of her sexual rights. Lawrence spoke out against websites that feature sexually explicit pictures of unsuspecting people. She also spoke out against those looking at the photos and states that anyone has done so is simply contributing to the sexual offense of her and other women. As she takes this incident in stride it’s great to see a celebrity that can handle such a delicate situation with such grace and class.

This week’s celebrity gossip is definitely more heartfelt than much of the gossip over the past few weeks. The next piece of news is that Angelina Jolie in a recent interview with the French version of Marie Claire said that being a mother makes her feel more connected to her own late mother. She talked lovingly of her relationship with her mother and how, as a child, Jolie attended an Amnesty International dinner with her mom. She also stated that when she looks at her own children it makes her feel like she is in contact with her.

As heartwarming as that is, you knew we couldn’t get through the week in celebrity gossip without getting to the juicy stuff. This week it’s being provided by drama queen Mariah Carey in the wake of her break up with husband Nick Cannon. This past weekend during a concert performance Mariah Carey changed the lyrics to the Billie Holiday song “Don’t Explain.” Apparently with the change in lyrics it was obvious to her fans that she was referring to her soon to be ex – husband.  When asked for an explanation of the incident, Mariah Carey’s agent refused to speculate.

On the other end of the love spectrum Orlando Bloom is allegedly chasing after actress Margot Robbie, who he was seen kissing at January’s Golden Globe Awards. Whatever happened between them in January is something Orlando apparently wants to pursue. It is being reported that the actor has flooded his lady love with phone calls and texts made for the sole purpose of flirting with her. Much to Orlando’s chagrin, Margot Robbie is currently involved in a relationship with Tom Ackerley, an assistant director that she met on the set of her movie, “Suite Francais.”

Whether you want to believe the rumors or that, the media has accused Kim Kardashian of coming thisclose to accidently leaving a hotel in Paris without her baby. Two huge European media outlets report that Kardashian got into her limo while baby daughter North West was still in the hotel’s lobby. She reportedly almost drove away before realizing the baby wasn’t with her. However, Kardashian claims she had no intention of leaving without the baby and was simply checking to make sure the car seat was in place and was installed correctly before she brought the baby into the limo. Regardless of whether or not this is actually true it’s pretty believable, considering what airheads the Kardashians in general are known for being.

Fans of The Voice are buzzing about the upcoming addition of Taylor Swift to the show. The actress is going to serve as the key advisor for the duration of this TV season. She will be responsible for helping four teams of singers each week throughout the competition. Some of the things she will be advising participants on include their presence on stage, their vocal talents and on making sure they only perform songs that mesh with their personalities. Other celebrity sightings on this season of The Voice will include Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

Lena Dunham is in the news this week for her outspoken opinions on how women in show business are targeted differently than men in show business. She takes issue with the fact that women are expected to be good role models but men don’t have to deal with this expectation. These comments come in light of Dunham’s work on “Girls.” As the lead character on the show, Dunham was unsure of how much leeway she would have when it comes to the show’s material. She stated that the work she has done on “Girls” as at least partly due to her reactions to the way in which sexuality is portrayed. Clearly Dunham is not afraid to speak up about a subject many others in Hollywood would remain neutral on.

Kendall Jenner has been trying to break into modeling for a while and has been facing some resistance from the industry as she has been seen as an actress that simply wants to model. However, Victoria’s Secret is now reportedly interested in bringing her on as an Angel at the yearly fashion show the lingerie retailer puts on. The attention she garnered at NYC’s recent fashion week seems to have gotten them interested.

Check back next week for more celebrity gossip.