Best Celebrity Gossip Stories Of 2014

thalia hoax on instagram with ribs jar

Celebrity gossip can be really intriguing, juicy, fascinating or even heartwarming depending on the nature of the gossip. In 2014 there have been some truly great gossip stories that remind us all that not everything in the world is negative.

patrick stewart ian mckellen help man propost marriage to boyfriend 2014

One of those rare heartwarming gossip stories involves a die -hard Star Trek fan’s proposal. A man head over heels in love with his boyfriend wanted to get Patrick Stewart, his boyfriend’s favorite Star Trek actor, to help him with the proposal. Sadly Patrick Stewart wasn’t available the day the proposal was set to happen. So instead he did the couple a favor and sent his good friend Ian McKellen to take his place. The proposal was filmed, as the man who was proposing makes documentaries for a living, with Ian McKellen breaking it to the man’s boyfriend that as much as the boyfriend was in love with Patrick Stewart, Stewart was already happily married. Ian McKellen then told the boyfriend that his partner was available and he should do the right thing and marry him. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime celebrity gossip stories that most wouldn’t expect to be true.

thalias hoax instagram gossip images 2014

While some celebrities end up becoming jaded as a result of their fame, others remain regular people in certain ways. One example of this is Thalia, a Mexican singer and actress who recently posted pictures on her Instagram account implying that she had her ribs removed so she would appear thinner. Thalia had posted a picture of a jar with ribs in it, saying they were her removed ribs. She later posted that she was kidding and that the ribs in the picture were, in fact, not hers. It is refreshing to see a celebrity that can joke around with their friends and play pranks just as regular people would. It serves as a reminder at the end of the day that even celebrities put their pants on one leg at a time.

ashton kutcher mila kunis 2014 long time romance images

One heartwarming piece of gossip for 2014 is the budding romance of former That 70’s Show co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The couple found their way to real life romance years after playing boyfriend and girlfriend on the long running comedy. Now that they are expecting a baby together each is making the sacrifice of selling the home they lived in when they were single and buying a home where they can raise their as of yet unborn daughter and be a family. This is a breath of fresh air because so many celebrity couples stubbornly hold onto their bachelor/bachelorette pads that it is good to see these two happy and in love.

francis bean cobain reaches out to robin williams daughter zelda after suicide 2014

The heartwarming gossip continues with the announcement that Frances Bean Cobain, now the grown daughter of the late Kurt Cobain, is offering her sympathies to Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams. The two young women are friends in real life and Cobain sent Williams a tweet stating that she would be there for Zelda during this difficult time in her life. With so many petty celebrity feuds between women in Hollywood it is great to see Cobain show compassion for Williams, as she can relate to the loss of her friend’s father. Williams and Cobain now both have fathers who committed suicide.

ciara with baby after leaving man images 2014

Divorce is never a pretty thing and is this even truer when it happens among celebrities because they have an outlet to turn any divorce into a nasty headline grabbing event. That’s why when celebrity couples break up, whether they were married or not, it is always a breath of fresh air when at least one of them is doing better after the breakup than they did before. One great example of this is Ciara, a singer who recently broke up with her fiancé after finding out he was cheating on her. Despite the fact that the two just has a baby, Ciara is reportedly thriving as a single lady. Though she reported being devastated upon learning she had been cheated on by her fiancé and baby’s father, three months later she is loving life, enjoying raising her daughter and making music to entertain others with. Where many celebrities would be falling apart at this point, it is inspiring to see Ciara bounce back from a devastating heartbreak and embracing life as she so clearly is.

brooks wheelan fired from saturday night live images 2014

In another example of a celebrity who has suffered a loss but is still going strong is Brooks Wheelan. The Saturday Night Live actor has stated that he is not surprised he was fired from the show after one season and that when he was cast on the show he figured he would be fired sooner rather than later. Wheelan has a good enough sense of humor to be able to laugh about the fact that he got fired and that is refreshing in a world where many celebrities are known to throw hissy fits like children if they dare get fired. This proves that show biz doesn’t have to force a person to stop being down to earth.

jennifer aniston justin theroux split wedding images 2014

It is always good to see when a celebrity can bounce back from a series of setbacks in their life. One celebrity that has done this beautifully is Jennifer Aniston. After Friends skyrocketed her into worldwide fame she had a whirlwind marriage to Brad Pitt that ended very badly and resulted in a very nasty and hurtful divorce. For years afterwards, Jennifer Aniston continued to have bad luck when it came to romantic relationships. Yet she has finally overcome those obstacles and is now happily vacationing in Tahiti with her fiancé Justin Theroux. The trip was a combination celebration for her fiance’s birthday and the anniversary of them getting engaged. Though the couple has had a two year engagement already, they are no outward signs that they are postponing nuptials for any reason.

These are among the best celebrity gossip stories of 2014 to date. Each of them is a reminder that Hollywood isn’t always a bad place.