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Melissa McCarthy does an epic takedown of Sean Spicer for SNL

Melissa McCarthy's surprise unannounced appearance on Saturday Night Live to take on Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer is the reason why we sit through some of the more bland and overlong sketches on the show.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Brings In Money & Donald Trump Boosts SNL Ratings

Saturday night, singer and activist Miley Cyrus accepted her Vanguard Award at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s annual awards gala. Members of the center and those she is working with through her Happy Hippie Foundation presented her the award.

Donald Trump Does Saturday Night Live Again & Bella Hadid In Gigi’s Shadow

Apparently Saturday Night Live is the new hangout for U.S. Politicians. Last Saturday, presidential candidate Hilary Clinton made a cameo on the late night skit show, and now it has been announced that controversial candidate Donald Trump will be hosting the November 7th episode of the show.

Best Celebrity Gossip Stories Of 2014

Celebrity gossip can be really intriguing, juicy, fascinating or even heartwarming depending on the nature of the gossip. In 2014 there have been some truly great gossip stories that remind us all that not everything in the world is negative.

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