EMPIRE’s Cookie Lyon Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

The season two premiere of Empire is only days away and the excitement is growing. I look forward to the plot twists and the juicy drama but just as much, or perhaps maybe even more, I look forward to seeing what Cookie is going to be wearing.

I am fashion chick and there have been countless outfits she’s worn that have taken my breath away. Taraji P. Henson is styled perfectly for her character and has inspired a whole generation of divas.

With that, I gave you my most favorite Cookie Lyon looks. Now, I want to give you some do’s and don’t based off of her wardrobe and taste, because she’s just that fly.

cookie lyon empire prints fashion 2015

Prints- Do…

Play with them. You can even mix leopard print with leopard print. Fashion should be fun just as much showy, flashy, trendy and appealing. If you usually stay away from prints or if you don’t believe in print mixing, take a step back for a minute and consider all the ways Cookie did it well.

Prints- Don’t…

Get carried away. I am not talking about wearing leopard, polka dots, plaid and gingham at the same time (although from what we saw at last week’s NYFW, that may be the norm for spring 2016). Remember, you are a diva and you want to be smooth and fly with your print mixing, not tacky and homely.

White- Do…

Wear it. People don’t like to because it gets dirty, among other things, but don’t let that stop you from rocking some really hot white ensembles. I love, love, love Cookie’s Gucci white jumpsuit she wore to the all white party but her white fur trench coat was everything as well. Find something you like and sport it.

White- Don’t…

Give in to cliché’s. “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” is so twenty years ago. I mean, what is WINTER white then? Last time I checked, winter happens way after Labor Day. As far as I am concerned, you can wear white whenever you want. Now there may be better items to choose according to the season, but don’t sweat the details. Just do it.

cookie lyon empire statement piece fashion 2015

Statement Pieces- Do

Try things out to see what works for you. Sometimes, things just don’t go and that’s okay. Don’t try to force something because there is nothing worse than wearing something that you are not comfortable in and that just doesn’t go with who you are.

Statement Pieces- Don’ts

Not try them. You never know how things will be unless you try them. Cookie had some amazing statement pieces especially necklaces and earrings. Some may feel that statement pieces are only for the extremely fashionable but you can take a simple black dress and make it bomb with a statement necklace that sky rockets it to the next level.

cookie lyon empire fashion dos donts 2015 images

Dresses- Do…

Wear them long and sexy. Minis and body cons are not the only fly dresses you can wear. Cookie had some amazingly killer long numbers including a Holy Balmain rhinestone tiger-stripe blinged out dress with high split. Get out of the notion that short is the only sexy dress you can rock because when you got it, you got it and is shows no matter the length.

Dresses- Don’t

Wear oddly shaped dresses. Another key to fashion is making sure that what you have on flatters your body. You want to make sure that your best assets are highlighted in the most flattering way. Just because something is cut or looks good on a model doesn’t mean it will translate over in the same way when you wear it. That’s okay. Just move on and find one that does work for you.

cookie lyon dos boots 2015 empire

Boots – Do

Have a variety of them on hand and in different textures and colors. Cookie has some bad boots like her Over-the-knee Guess Boots snakeskin heels that are probably my favorite from the first season.

Boots –Don’t

Buy them if you can’t walk in them. Understand this, boots are meant for walking so if you can’t, don’t tarnish your diva reputation trying to look cute because you will end up really just looking stupid. It is fine if you can’t wear sky-high boots (I surely can’t). You can find some that are just as nice, just as sexy and just right for you.

Remember, it is not just about what you wear it’s how you wear it. You can follow what’s hot like Cookie Lyon does, but make sure that is works for you. If not, just let it go.