LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 202: Boot Camp Woes

love hip hop hollywood recap images 2015

love hip hop hollywood 202 recap images 2015“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is really heating up and it’s on the second episode.

It opens up with Soulja boy and his chick Nia Riley chilling as they head to one of his practices. Fizz drops in on him and they catch up. Soulja Boy tells Fizz that he got this figured out and that Nia is his main chick. When he’s on the road, he’s on the road and that’s why he’s going to ride with her. Okay, if that works for you.

Then there is Rich Dollaz and according to him, he is really falling for Monice. They have a nice dinner in his hotel room and she tells him that since things are going so well, she wants him to meet her family and her child which is something he feels should come in time.  Um hold up Rich, you’ve been talking like this chick is the one, why not meet her fam? Then she drops it on him and tells him that since she doesn’t want to have any more kids, he should have a vasectomy. He nearly choke on his saliva.

At the pool later on, Rich Dollas tells her that he loves her and wants to be there but he wants her to get rid of a tattoo that she got of her first love when she was 18.  They go back and forth a bit then she gives in and says she’ll get rid of it. Then she tells him that she wants him to stay forever, with her, in L.A. to which he says, “not yet ma.”

Nikki and Teairra Marie meet with the girl Nas because she has some connections that can help them with their fashion show. She tells them that she has been on and off with Soulja Boy which makes Nikki uncomfortable because Nia (remember Soulja’s main chick) is her girl. She says that they have been having sex and texting just as recent as two weeks before. This is all an interesting development especially for Nikki. Nas tells them that despite her personal life issues, she can deliver the models and she invites them to attend one of her boot camps.

love hip hop hollywood recap images 2015Of course while shopping with Nia later, Nikki tells her what happened at their luncheon meeting with Nas. Nia is taken aback and tells her that they used to be friends but when Nia and Soulja broke up for a short time, Nas slid right in. Nikki then goes ahead and invites her to the boot camp because Nia “wants to see what she has to say” to her face.

Milan and Miles spends time at a strip club because to him that’s the only place they can chill you know since they are rappers… and gay. Milan still deals with fact that Miles doesn’t want to come out to the world and really take the next step to move in with him. Miles feels that they are still getting comfortable with each other, to which Milan says he has been comfortable.

Their relationship is further complicated because of Miles relationship with Amber and her daughter. He ditches his date with his male boo thang to meet up with the two and Milan has no idea what’s going on.

Teairra Mari, Monice and Amber chat it up at one of her photo shoots in which Amber is modeling. TM tells her about her meeting with Princess and Monice is not feeling it as she thinks Princess has something up her sleeve. “Cry me a river bitch.” TM tries to look at the situation positively but her girls are like, “something about this whole situation rubs me the wrong way.” TM says that she is keeping her enemies closer.

To put her plan in motion, TM and Princess meet at a bar for drinks and let me tell you, Teairra M is kind of trifling. She encourages her to be her own woman and don’t care what Ray J has to say. She also says in her confession that if Princess gives her something to exploit in their budding new friendship, she will do just that.

Princes proceeds to go out with Teairra Mari and Ray J is right there asking her what’s going on. She stays coy and even with him saying he was wrong for having the stripper party, she decides to go out anyway. Especially when he tells her that she can’t go out and that she needs to change because she doesn’t have on a bra. Oh Ray J. Princess did kind of mess up though when she tells him that TM was right about him.

Ray J, of course calls on Teairra Mari the next day to get to the bottom of everything. She thinks he wants to apologize for the shit he put her through last year but all he wants to know is what is going on with Princess which makes her further offended. We find out from all of this that her plan is to break them up, because according to Teairra Mari, Princess doesn’t look happy and neither does Ray.

In the end, it goes all the way down at the boot camp between Nas and Nia. Nas takes a break from teaching telling Nia, “We need to talk.” Nas actually kind of checks Nia here too because all Teddy Riley’s daughter can say is going to punch her in the face, to which Nas tells her to stop that shit and deal with this like a woman. They yell, they get in each other’s faces and have to be carried away to their own corners.

Like I said, it is heating up on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.