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‘Empire’ 218 Finale Past is Prologue and Season 3 answers from showrunner

Jamal is out of the hospital on the season finale of Empire; somebody gets married, and Anika falls off the side of the building. Or maybe it’s Rhonda. We won’t know until the Fall premiere. Here’s how it all goes down.

‘Empire’ 211 Death Will Have Its Day for those Lyons

We are back with Empire and it's not half bad. In fact, it almost recaptures what made people love it in the first place. It looks like that four-month long break was what it needed to get some of its groove back.

‘Empire’ 206 High Hopes For A Low Heaven Recap

Empire returned this week after a one-week hiatus, and it picked right back up from where it started- Hakeem is still missing.

Bring Out Your Favorite Diva This Halloween

Halloween is already here, and while a lot of the focus is on children and candy and scares, that doesn't mean adults can't partake in the ghostly fun and traditions. As we know many people who think they won't be enjoying Halloween suddenly get pulled in at the last minute so we're here to help you out.

EMPIRE 203 Poor Yorick & Cookie Won’t Crumble

Every week, Empire gets more and more explosive (and unbelievable) and this week’s episode, it started and ended with a bang.

EMPIRE 201 Caged Cookie, Lesbian Orgies & Devils Are Here Recap

If nothing else, Empire surely kept to his spectacular plot lines and fantastical twists in the season two opener.

EMPIRE Finale Recap Season 2 Prep

It's already time for Season 2 of FOX's crazy breakout hit "Empire," so for those that need a little refresh before the premiere hits, here's where things left off. Episode 1 kicks off three months after Lucious is incarcerated so you know he's primed and ready for some Cookie.

EMPIRE’s Cookie Lyon Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

The season two premiere of Empire is only days away and the excitement is growing. I look forward to the plot twists and the juicy drama but just as much, or perhaps maybe even more, I look forward to seeing what Cookie is going to be wearing.

EMPIRE’S Cookie Lyon Fashion Do’s

The guilty pleasure that has become the nation’s new go to show brought us more than just juicy storylines and twisted characters. Empire has taken the world by storm and Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie Lyon has done so with a slew of fashion choices that killed us and gave us life… at the same damn time.

Idris Elba Goes Solo & Joe Jackson Gets Wrong Kind Of Stroke From Viagra

Kelly Osbourne is still feeling the heat from her Donald Trump comment on The View, Cookie Lyon comes to life, Idris Elba's solo action is very sexy and Joe Jackson allegedly got the wrong kind of stroke from Viagra.

EMPIRE Ep 105 Recap: Cookie Gets Bi-Leveraged

Apparently when Empire creator Lee Daniels said he was shedding some light on hidden issues in the black community, he proposed to do so through a series of gay and lesbian sex scenes every episode.

Cookie Lyon Gets Sympathetic for EMPIRE Ep 4 Recap: False Imposition

Tonight on Empire, we see just how great of a father Lucious is. So loving, so caring… NOT! The episode opens up with him screaming at Hakeem asking him what he wants.

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