‘Empire’ 206 High Hopes For A Low Heaven Recap

empire 206 high hopes for a low heaven 2015 images cookie

empire 206 high hopes for a low heaven 2015 images cookieEmpire returned this week after a one-week hiatus, and it picked right back up from where it started- Hakeem is still missing.

But before I get to that, let’s talk about the ass Becky gets in the opening of the show. And I am not just talking about some sympathy “Oh, big girls need love too” kind of ass. I’m talking about fine, chocolate, mmm, mmm good ass. Yes, Becky gets it on, and while I question her hair color and style weekly, the girl got my vote for repping for the big girls. Now, back to Hakeem

Who, as I said, is still kidnapped but that’s okay cause momma and daddy are to the rescue. Even though momma accused daddy of kidnapping their baby. They get past it. After Cookie and Lucious come together to deliver the $40,000 the kidnappers demanded, they get their son back, but all is not well with the baby Lyon as he is not in the van when it pulls up. The driver tells them that he wanted to get out so he let him go and they, along with the whole world, want to know why the hell he did that. Scene switch to Hakeem stumbling down the street to Anika’s who is just coming in from a run and telling her mother, over the phone, how her life is ruined.  She and Hakeem get it on. Hmmm, is their love triangle back?

Speaking of “back,” the guys who took Keem have these big ole bull-head tattoos dab smack in the middle of their backs, which comes in handy to know later on in the episode. Yes, I’m going to tell you why. Hakeem also sees the tattoo.

At Empire, while mom and dad save the day, Andre shows everybody on his team, in hopes of showing his dad, who’s the boss at Gutter Life. He pulls a list of all the Gutter Life artists and wants to meet with each of them. Which he does.

What we find out here is that the chocolate piece of candy that Becky was screwing is a Gutter Life artist named J-Poppa and the only artist on the label that catches Dre’s eye. Which has everything to do with the fact that his name is Job, is a pastor’s kid and can quote scripture.

Jamal spends some time in the studio with his dad who directs him on a new song. He gives him some pointers, and while he does, Jamal complains to his dad that the Staples Center told him, in his words, that he’s too gay to fill their venue and passed on his concert. Just then, a man named Jameson Henthrop that Lucious despises comes into the studio. Jamal is happy to see him but Lucious is not. Apparently back in the day when Lu left his old record company, he was going to work with Jameson but didn’t because he’s gay. Sigh, ok Lucious ever the homophobe. Mmmm, that’s kind of played out now Lee Daniels. I’m just saying.

Hakeem is having a hard time readjusting, and there’s two reasons why. First of all, he can’t really hear out of one of his ears. This causes trouble for him when practicing with the girl group. He actually goes off and blames them for not being able to get his cue.  The other thing wrong with him, which explains his rage, is that he feels like he went out like a punk when the kidnappers beat him up. He didn’t fight back or anything. He tells his brothers about it, right after speaking to his dad who told him he’s not a man, and they make him feel better. In fact, he feels so great after his brother’s pep talk that he goes on stage and much to Lucious’ consternation, he gets through his performance with the girl group on stage, with the help of Laura. Why Lu has to be pulling for his kids to fail is beyond me.

Which brings me to Andre’s artist showcase. J Poppa performs, and the crowd goes crazy. He is hot, sexy and Becky is watching for him. As he performs, he quotes scripture, which is a total turn off to Lucious and Becky. Then Freda Gatz or Bre-Z, who is super corny, like I don’t believe her hardness, which just comes off as… corny gets on stage. She “kills” it, but not everyone thinks so. A heckler calls her out during the performance, but she continues rapping. He keeps saying stuff and she kicks him in his nose then runs up on him and punches him. Her “crew” gets her out, and Dre is livid. He tells his dad that she’s off Gutter Life’s roster, and Lucious tells him no way. “You put me in charge of this record label,” Dre tells his dad and then Lu says one of his coldest lines this season.

“I put you in place, don’t confuse the two.”

In the end, Cookie tries to get an understanding of everything and in doing so, leans on Alex. They end up having sex but wait, what do we find out here when he takes off his shirt? He is a part of the group that kidnapped Hakeem as he has one of the bull-head tattoos in the middle of his back.

Thanks to the previews for next we, it’s confirmed that he is in on a scheme to extort Cookie and the family for a lot more than a booker’s tour fee.