EMPIRE’S Cookie Lyon Fashion Do’s

The guilty pleasure that has become the nation’s new go to show brought us more than just juicy storylines and twisted characters. Empire has taken the world by storm and Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie Lyon has done so with a slew of fashion choices that killed us and gave us life… at the same damn time.

As the resident fashion hottie here at Movie TV Tech Geeks (yes, self proclaimed) and in honor of season two finally coming our way in t-minus next week, I bring to you some of Cookie Lyon’s best outfits from season one of a show that only stands to get better.

Remember, fashion is not about how well you wear or if you wear the latest trends  but more about how you rock the clothes you put on your back. Yea, there are aspects of colors, patterns and materials that some feel should be properly combined in order to be considered fashionable. But in the day in which we live, anything pretty much goes. It just all comes down to how you do it.

So, here is a look at some of my favorite Cookie Lyon looks. I like to call it my “Ode to the Cookie.”

cookie lyon fashion leopard print


There was so much of this print last season and it was everything… like every time. Now aside from it being my personal favorite, Cookie Lyon wore is flawlessly. The truth is not every one can wear leopard and those that do sometimes do too much, but Cookie always had it on point. From her leopard mini sweater dress and matching leopard fedora to her super mini leopard turtleneck dress and white fur, Cookie is queen of the leopard print.

empire cookie lyon fashion leopard white fur 2015


Speaking of furs, Cookie rocked the hell out of them. A fur coat is s symbol of having money and for her to have a nice collection of them fits so perfectly with her personality. She is ghetto fabulous, she is classy, she is hood and a fur coat is the robe that adorns her diva backside. She even wore fur vests which is a hard thing to do because so many people just mess it up. My favorite fur coat is her winter white trench coat she wore with one of her leopard dresses.

empire cookie lyon white fashion 2015 dos


I never really follow the no white after Labor Day because when you think about it, from Labor Day until the next Labor Day is after Labor Day so. Read it again, it makes sense.

My favorite white Cookie ensemble is the jumpsuit she wore to the all white party. It was sexy, it was sleek and the epitome of her character. The slick high ponytail and gold accessories where the perfect touch.

cookie lyon empire print fashion 2015


The high life feel of Empire would not be what it is without the wardrobe and Cookie’s wardrobe was and I trust will remain full of all kinds of great prints. She had animal prints, like her long, high split black and grey zebra dress. She also wore a really bad snakeskin moto jacket that I would so love to add to my closet. She wore floral body cons and she rocked intricately patterned maxi dresses.

Some people like to stay away from prints but those that do are missing out on great opportunities to add some flare to their wardrobe that really makes a statement. Prints are fun, they are trendy and depending on how you do it, they are that perfect statement.

cookie lyon empire purple fur fashion 2015


Cookie wore a lot of bold colors last season and I can only hope and pray that she continues to do so. The great thing about adding a pop of color to your outfit is it makes you stand out and boy does Cookie stand out. In just about every room she is in and every place that she goes.

My favorite pop of color from season one is her magenta wrap fur piece she wore with her floral body con dress. It is so divalious.

cookie lyon black fashion dos 2015 empire


Cookie’s jacket game is always on point. She delved into all kinds of jackets and blazers and with each one she made it her own.

She had some good pieces in black and traditional cuts but she also had some funky ones like the denim patchwork jacket with gold trim. My favorite is the black cape blazer she paired with a black and white print skirt.

Empire does more than give us something to care about on Wednesdays. It gives us a look in to a world that so many want to be a part of and in that world, fashion is a central factor in how people look at you. Cookie Lyon is a force to be reckoned with so it only makes sense that her wardrobe is fit for a queen.