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Tags Justin Theroux

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Justin Theroux Opens Up For Ellen & Heidi Klum Gets Personal

Normally, newlywed Justin Theroux is relatively private when it comes to his relationship with wife, Jennifer Aniston. However, as a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Ellen, Justin decided to spill some of the details of his life as a married man.

Jennifer Aniston ‘Friends’ Free & Ed Sheeran’s Tat Not For Everyone

Friends fans everywhere are heartbroken as two of the stars have come forward to say they weren’t even invited to Rachel – aka Jennifer Aniston’s wedding to fellow actor Justin Theroux.

Muscle Milk Endorsed By Busta Rhymes & Meek Mill Takes On Ar-Ab

Muscle Milk got a big endorsement from Busta Rhymes and didn't have to pay him a cent for it, Donald Trump keeps on and Meek Mill sets his sites on Ar-Ab now.

Jennifer Aniston Finally Married & Zayn Malik Eyeing Kylie Jenner

A-list celebrity couple Jenifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally wed on Wednesday evening. The top-secret ceremony was help at their Los Angeles home.

Best Celebrity Gossip Stories Of 2014

Celebrity gossip can be really intriguing, juicy, fascinating or even heartwarming depending on the nature of the gossip. In 2014 there have been some truly great gossip stories that remind us all that not everything in the world is negative.

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