Jennifer Aniston Finally Married & Zayn Malik Eyeing Kylie Jenner

zayn malik show favs for kylie jenner after perrie edwards 2015 gossip

jennifer aniston justin theoroux wedding 2015 gossipA-list celebrity couple Jenifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally wed on Wednesday evening. The top-secret ceremony was help at their Los Angeles home. Reportedly many of their celebrity friends turned out for the nuptials, including, Jason Bateman, Sandra Bullock, Jimmy Kimmel, Orlando Bloom, Howard Stern, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel McAdams and Lisa Kudrow.

TMZ was able to obtain aerial photos of the intimate wedding that showed how the couple went all out for their secret day. Pictures showed that Justin and Jennifer transformed their backyard into an elegant dining space, with candles lit throughout. The couple also opted to add in some wood flooring to the backyard to create a dance floor for them and their guests.jennifer aniston justin theroux muppet wedding cakeAlso shown, is a bar that was fully stocked with wines, beers, and hard liquor. Of course there was also an abundance of Smart Water, seeing that Jennifer is the spokeswoman for the company.

One thing that especially stood out from the photos was the couple’s cake, which was Muppet themed, as the one-tier dessert donned two giant Muppet-like versions of Justin and Jennifer on top of it.

The couple got engaged in August 2012, so many people were anticipating when they would finally decide to tie the knot. Although the ceremony was kept secret, the couple undoubtedly went all out creating a special, star-studded, extravagant event.

zayn malik moving on with kylie jenner 2015 gossipIn other not-so-joyful couple news, exes Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have now both broken their silence since it was revealed that they had broken off their engagement.

Sources close to the couple have been saying that Zayn decided to break up with Perrie just over two weeks ago and did so over the phone. Apparently, the Little Mix singer was shocked by his decision and has been keeping close to family and friends since the split.

Just like Perrie, the split also shocked the majority of the public, especially considering Perrie had posted a picture on Instagram snuggling up to Zayn just 3 weeks ago, with the caption “Love ma man!”

Instagram post, Perrie Edwards:

Unfortunately, the day the news went public Perrie and her band-mates had an interview with E! News. Inevitably Perrie was asked about the split and how she was doing, Perrie solemnly replied, “I’m good, thank you.” However, before the interviewer could ask any further, her band-mates interrupted and made it clear that they didn’t want to talk about the particular subject.

Days later, Zayn Malik took to Twitter to seemingly address the split. The former One Direction member, who has been bombarded with fan-girls messages and tweets since the split, posted a tweet saying:

“You just can’t do enough for some people, I guess”

Although the star makes it unclear whom exactly this is about, one can speculate that there may be some animosity between him and Perrie, as his decision to end thinks was so unexpected.

However, Zayn didn’t dwell on things for long, as he followed with a series of tweets hyping his new solo album that he is working on since being signed to RCA Records. A high publicity break-up is definitely an effective way to gain publicity for a new music venture.

zayn malik eyeing kylie jenner 2015 gossipSources are saying now that the former One Directioner has his eye set on the Kardashian clan with Kylie Jenner. Seems he’s been eyeing her for quite some time and favoriting her tweet was a little sign that he’s ready to move on from his Little Mix.

Zayn Malik, twitter posts: