Muscle Milk Endorsed By Busta Rhymes & Meek Mill Takes On Ar-Ab

busta rhymes arrested for protein shake 2015 gossip

Finally Friday is here and these rich and famous people are cray, cray…. And kind of romantic. Muscle Milk got a big endorsement from Busta Rhymes and didn’t have to pay him a cent for it, Donald Trump keeps on and Meek Mill sets his sites on Ar-Ab now.

jennifer aniston wedding dress 2015 gossipJenniferAniston and Justin Theroux’s Secret Wedding

Well it happened and kudos to her for doing it under the radar. Our most beloved Friends star Jennifer Aniston (well a lot of people’s most beloved Friends star) got hitched and pretty much no one knew it was going to take place.

Jenn married her long time beau Justin Theroux in a surprise ceremony at their home with invitees believing that they were coming to a birthday party for Justin, who currently stars on The Leftovers.  The guest list included A-listers like Emily Blunt, Ellen DeGeneres and Sia, who performed during the back yard nuptials. Of course there is no question who Jenn’s maid of honor was- Courtney Cox. The two have been tight since their Friends days and have remained besties ever since.

I am so super happy for Jenn and Justin. She deserves all the happiness in the world and OMG… what if a baby is the next secret they drop on us? Oh I’m getting the feels.

busta rhymes arrested for protein shake 2015 gossipBusta Rhymes Arrested For Throwing Drink

Sigh Busta. Why you got to go and do that now huh? The rapper was arrested AND charged with assault because while at a gym in New York City, he threw a protein drink at an employee’s head, cutting them. He and the Steel Gym worker got into an argument according to witnesses because Busta wanted to bring a cameraman with him into the gym. The employee would not allow the videographer in.

As the story goes, the next day, they got into it again, splashing water back and forth at each other which lead to Busta throwing a dairy protein drink at the employee. The police was called and Busta was charged with second-degree assault.

It’s funny too because according to the rapper’s lawyer, “This is all ridiculous; it was literally a bottle of Muscle Milk.” Um yea Scott Leemon but it was still an object thrown by your client at someone’s head.

Famous people are always trying to spin their bad behavior into someone else’s fault.

As for Busta, he posted to Instagram thanking fans for their support and told them,

“Heading 2 the studio 2 turn the bullshit into GREATNESS. I’m super good. #THECONGLOMERATE.”

donald trump republican debate 2015 gossipDonald Trump is An Ass and Now the Whole World Knows For Sure

I seriously don’t know what is up with Donald Trump. Once more, I don’t understand why we keep giving him a platform to fuck with us because honestly, that’s exactly what he is doing. There is no way in hell that he can be serious with the shit that he says but we give him attention so he keeps up the foolishness. For those that didn’t know the Trump was meant every insult he has made about numerous things before the GOP debate, what we saw last night is a clear indication that he is off this fucking rocker and we are all pawns in his sorry, crazy, self serving game.

This dude is leading the polls for the GOP presidential run to many people’s dismay. From his answers to questions asked about women and abortions to the way in which he conducted himself, America is doomed if he is the next commander in chief.

meek mill vs ar-ab 2015 gossipMeek Mill Disses Ar Ab in New Jersey

Meek Mill is still reeling from his beef with Drake going mostly in the favor of the Canadian rapper, with many people saying that his career is pretty much over. Maybe that’s why he continues to not give a you know what and diss other artists in the game. This time around, it is Philly rapper Ar-Ab.

I guess Drake mentioning Ab on his second diss track “Back to Back” is the thing that made Meek feel a certain way about him. While performing in Camden, New Jersey, one of the stops on the Pinkprint Tour, Meek said,

“Fuck Ar-Ab. How dare a fucking Philly nigga dick ride a nigga from out of town?”

Meek Milly is probably upset with Ab because of he said during an interview that it is too late for him to do a second diss track (which he really, really needed to do). I mean, I don’t get what’s up with Meek if he is tripping over this. Ab didn’t say anything bad about him and he even said during the same interview that they have a respectful relationship.

I think that everything is getting to Meek Mill and right now, any mention of anything related to his beef with Drake sends him over the edge.