BIG BROTHER 1719: Clay Out Becky In

shelli clay honeycutt kissing on big brother 17 2015

big brother 1719 clay evicted becky hoh 2015The sole showmance was cut short on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and James said Shelli was a target and his alliance wanted her out. Vanessa said she felt terrible for Shelli and Clay and she wanted to keep Shelli in the game. James talked to Austin about what Shelli and Clay said about him. Austin said he had done everything he could to help Shelli and Clay this week and he didn’t appreciate them turning on him. He said he wanted to protect Vanessa and that they had to stick together in the game. Vanessa was upset Shelli and Clay sold their alliance to James. Vanessa told Shelli she was looking out for her. Shelli said she had to clear the air with her alliance because she wanted to move forward in the game with them.

big brother 17 clay evicted shelli kissing bulge 2015Shelli said she and Clay wanted to continue their relationship outside of the house. Viewers watched the couple kiss for the first time and Shelli said it was definitely worth the wait. James asked the other house guests to help him get Shelli evicted. James said Shelli was a bigger threat in the game than play. Meg said Clay wants to keep Shelli in the game because she could win it but he couldn’t. James said the worst case scenario was Shelli staying in the game. The twins talked about their dislike of Clay. Austin said if he kept Shelli he would piss of James, Meg and Jackie and he didn’t want to do that.

Clay said it was a blessing to spend the summer with the other house guests. He asked them to let Shelli stay in the game. Shelli called Clay her rock in the Big Brother house. She said it was a dream to be there and she was proud of the game she’d been playing.

becky with john big brother 17Vanessa, Austin, Jackie, Liz, Steve, Becky, John and Meg all voted to evict Clay. The girls comforted Shelli over Clay’s eviction. Clay said winning this game was Shelli’s dream and he didn’t want to take it away from her so he gave her a shot at winning. Clay said Shelli had been there for him emotionally,personally and in the game. Clay admitted he loves Shelli more than the idea of winning money. He said he felt like if Shelli won he would have won too.
shelli clay honeycutt kissing on big brother 17 2015Clay said Meg had her share of dalliances with everyone in the house and he looked forward to visiting her outside the house. In her goodbye message to Clay Shelli said she couldn’t wait for their first date.

This week’s head of household competition was called Midway Mayhem. They had to fill funnels with gas and then ice skate across the yard to a tank. They must then reach their ball and claim a prize and stay in the competition or take the head of household position.


Becky won the HOH competion after nearly 90 minutes, but she also added another $5K to her recently won $5K. To top it off, she completed her hat trick by winning the never be a Have-Not again this season. She’s a confusing one as she has loyalties all over the house  so it could be either Vanessa, Steve, Austin for those bitchy twins going up for nomination this week.