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Tag: Clay Honeycutt

BIG BROTHER 1719: Clay Out Becky In

The sole showmance was cut short on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," and James said Shelli was a target and his alliance wanted her out. Vanessa said she felt terrible for Shelli and Clay and she wanted to keep Shelli in the game.

BIG BROTHER 1718 Everything Stays the Same

It was actually a little gripping on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," and James said he's not scared to get blood on his hands in this game.

BIG BROTHER 1717: Shelli & Clay Cry Foul On Nominations

We returned back to the endurance episode of "Big Brother," where the head of household competition took place. Meg said that Jason was her best friend in the house and now that he is gone she had to win head of household.

BIG BROTHER 1716 Jason Out James In & Everything Changes

Austin gets his first kiss with a seemingly traumatized Liz on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," and Vanessa told Jason she had no choice but to put him up for eviction. Jackie said Vanessa made her feel like an idiot and that Vanessa was supposed to put Austin up for eviction tonight.

BIG BROTHER 1715: No One Humiliates Judas

The first big blindside hit on last night's episode of "Big Brother," and Shelli said she felt helpess because her plan for the game was messed up. Vanessa said the plan was to get Austin evicted this week but she didn't think she'd have to be the one responsible for it.

BIG BROTHER 1714: Austin Using Wrong Head On Twins

Jackie celebrated her head of "Big Brother" household status last night while Austin continues thinking he's much smarter than everyone else in the room. Vanessa said she knows she is probably one of Jackie's top targets for eviction because she helped get Jeff evicted.

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