BIG BROTHER 1715: No One Humiliates Judas

big brother 17 jason blindside shocker 2015

big brother 1715 jason becky eviction noms 2015The first big blindside hit on last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Shelli said she felt helpess because her plan for the game was messed up. Vanessa said the plan was to get Austin aka Judas Devlin evicted this week but she didn’t think she’d have to be the one responsible for it. James said he had to do damage control after he was not able to throw the Battle of the Block last week. Liz said it looked like James threw the BOB and that she had played it by herself.

Vanessa said it was a delicate situation because Austin still thinks his alliance is working with him but they are not. Liz said she and Austin are besties and she loves working with him but she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him even though he does for her. Liz freaked out because Austin snuck in a kiss on the lips.Vanessa called everyone to the Power of Veto competition. She chose Shelli and Liz to compete. Clay Honeycutt chose John for the competition. She talked to her alliance about what to do next. Jackie said Liz wouldn’t keep quiet if she found out Austin might be up for eviction.

clay squirrel bulge with jason on big brother 17 2015For this week’s Power of Veto Competition the house guests had to run through an obstacle course transporting acorns from one end of the yard to the other. Clay said he had to win this competition in order to avoid possible eviction this week. Becky said she could be road kill this week if she loses the Power of Veto Competition. Vanessa was the first one eliminated from the competition and said she was going to be sick. Becky said that Clay had to win this competition because Vanessa had already lost and Becky felt like she was going to lose too. Shelli said Clay needed to get himself in gear and win the game. Steve said Becky looked crushed that she was losing in the competition and Steve said he was happy about that. Clay ended up winning Power of Veto for the week. Becky said it was very frustrating to see Clay win, especially since Becky kept losing competitions.

 big brother 1715 judas humiliated 2015 recap imagesVanessa said she had time now to tell Liz that they are planning on getting rid of Austin. She asked Liz not to act weird around him now that she knows. She also said that now people know that Austin can’t be trusted. Liz said Austin made a foolish move telling Jason Liz is a twin. Liz said that Austin is obsessed with her. Vanessa said she was going to give Austin a chance to explain himself.

When Austin came to talk to Vanessa she went after him for telling Jason about the twins. Vanessa said that Austin can’t trust Jason but Austin disagreed. Vanessa told Austin she may put him up for eviction and he begged her not to because he would never do that to her. He also said he had made bad decisions in the game he regretted.

big brother july alliance deals chart 1715Austin said he waited to come clean to Clay and Shelli so they would help him stay in the game. He told them he is falling in love with Liz and he doesn’t care about the prize money for winning the show anymore. He also said if he put his trust in their hands he hoped it would pay off for him. Shelli told Austin it is not in their best interest if he gets evicted.
vanessa blindsides jason on big brother 17 2015

Liz, Becky and James each got to choose a guest from the house to take to an Outback Steakhouse dinner they won last week. Becky chose to take Shelli, while Liz chose Austin and James chose Clay. The dinner was held in the backyard of the Big Brother House. Austin said he wanted this to be his first date with Liz.

meg shocked with jason blindside big brother 17 2015Vanessa said she had limited options for putting someone up for eviction next to Becky if Austin wasn’t chosen. Austin said he thought Vanessa still had his back but he knew he made mistakes with her.

big brother 17 jason blindside shocker 2015Clay called the veto meeting and said he was using his veto to save himself. Vanessa then named Jason as his replacement nominee and she said it was the most difficult decision she had to make in this game. Jackie said this made her unhappy and she had no idea what was going om but Austin said he is thrilled Jason is now up for eviction. Jason called Vanessa a scumbag bitch and said if he stayed in this game he was targeting her.