BIG BROTHER 1716 Jason Out James In & Everything Changes

big brother 1716 austin kisses liz 2015 images

big brother 1716 jason evicted from house 2015Austin gets his first kiss with a seemingly traumatized Liz on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Vanessa told Jason she had no choice but to put him up for eviction. Jackie said Vanessa made her feel like an idiot and that Vanessa was supposed to put Austin up for eviction tonight. Becky said she was going to lay low for now. Jason said he is fighting as hard as he can to stay in the game.

Austin said his dream has come true because he has been given a second chance in this game and he is going to go far. Clay said he felt stuck between Meg and Vanessa and didn’t want to reveal to Meg what is going on in the house. Meg said she was lied to and kept in the dark about Jason.

big brother 1716 austin kisses liz 2015 imagesMeg went to Vanessa and apologized and said she felt very dumb. Vanessa speculated if she could trust Austin or Jason but said most people in the house wanted Jason gone. Jackie called Shelli shady as hell. Jason went to talk to Meg. Jackie cried and said she felt like she let Jason down. James told everyone to pull it together and Meg told Vanessa to stop putting everyone Meg likes up for eviction. Shelli said she and Clay were being harmed by Vanessa’s actions in the game.

Jason said he wanted to make Shelli and Clay paranoid. He told them he could be more loyal to them then Meg ever could be. Shelli said Austin and Liz are now the targets for eviction.

big brother 1716 jason evictedDuring the live vote Becky said there are many strong players in the house and that is why the game is so fun. She also said she is very different from Jason but she considers him a friend. Jason told them to vote for the person they thought could help them long term in the game.

clay lies to meg on big brother 1716Austin, Liz, Steve, John, Clay, Jackie and Shelli chose Jason for eviction. Meg and James chose to evict Becky. Jason said he was naive to think the housemates would be loyal to him. He said as soon as he started feeling comfortable in the game he was trouble. Jason said Vanessa is a smart game player and has more soul than the other house guests. He admitted Jason the fan outranked Jason the player, which is why he gossiped about realizing Liz has a twin in the game. Jason said Meg has a very good chance of making it far in the game. Jason said he knew Shelli couldn’t be trusted, Meg was sweet and the twins were twisted.

big brother 1716 hoh competition 2015

Julie Chen told Julia that now that the twins have made it through five evictions they can both play in the house at the same time. Julia was then introduced when she arrived at the Big Brother house. Julie Chen announced from now on there is only one head of household each week.

big brother 17 alliance 7 31 2015Tonight was the first solo head of household competition this season. The house guests had to hang onto a crumbling cliff. The house guest that holds out the longest wins head of household for the week. Julie Chen said this is the most important head of household competition this season.


James was the HOH winner and the sole HOH this week.