BIG BROTHER 1718 Everything Stays the Same

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It was actually a little gripping on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and James said he’s not scared to get blood on his hands in this game. Clay said through the whole game he was afraid he and Shelli would be put up for eviction. Shelli said she couldn’t imagine being in the game without Clay. Clay called James a chicken shit for going back on his word but Shelli drug him away and told him not to do that because it would make him more of a target. Clay said he wasn’t going to let Shelli go home.

Shelli wanted to know why Austin and the twins weren’t up for eviction. Shelli said Vanessa was giving Austin more credit in this game than she should be. James said Clay and Shelli would do anything they would do anything they could to mess up James’s game. Shelli and Clay went to talk to James alone. Clay said he and Shelli were upset because they had James’s back in the game and he still put them up for eviction but James said he was up for eviction too much when Shelli was head of household. James said Clay and Shelli are one and they would both vote the same way in the game.

Shelli talked to Vanessa and assured her she wouldn’t turn against their alliance. Vanessa and Shelli hugged. Vanessa said she is undyingly loyal but she is not a doormat.

James called everyone for the power of veto competition. Three players were randomly selected to participate. James called Shelli and Clay up and she said they were the only ones that could win this. James chose Jackie to play the power of veto competition. Shelli chose Becky and Clay chose Vanessa. James said the game wasn’t looking good for Clay and Shelli and one of them would have to win power of veto to stay in the game. Becky said James \was keeping her safe and she wouldn’t know what to do if she won power of veto.

The power of veto competition for this week had a medieval theme and was called Game of Throws. They had to use a catapult to aim darts at a large map and try to get the highest score. Each area on the map was worth a certain number of points. Clay said he or Shelli had to win power of veto so they could stay in the game. Jackie was the first one eliminated during round one and won power of veto, which was her prize for coming in sixth place.

Shelli was eliminated in round two and got the knight in shining armor prize. Shelli got to trade it for Jackie’s power of veto because she said Clay was her knight in shining armor. Vanessa got the fourth place prize, which was an Ireland vacation. Clay won third place and got a knight of shining armor, meaning he had to spend 24 hours with Jackie. Clay traded that for Vanessa’s Ireland vacation. Becky won $5,000 and kept it. James won first place and became a member of the castle guard. He traded for Shelli’s prize instead and James ended up with power of veto for the week. Clay said James was the one person he and Shelli didn’t want to win the power of veto.

Shelli said it would be a long two months separation if either she or Clay gets evicted tonight. Meg told Clay she always has his back. John said she was hugging Clay because she was drunk. Clay asked Meg to vote to evict him rather than Shelli. Meg told Clay they both knew that they had bonded since the beginning of the game and she didn’t want to see him get evicted.

Vanessa and Jackie were called to the dairy room. That was when they had to start spending 24 hours together. Shelli said she had to do a swordsman regimen which included punching, stabbing and slicing. She had to repeat the pattern 2400 times over a period of 24 hours.

Shelli said she had to get to work getting James to use the power of veto. James went to talk to Clay and Shelli. Clay said he and Shelli knew no one in the house had their backs. James said he would need information to think about saving Clay and Shelli. Shelli told James Austin has an altar ego named Judas. She said she was angry with Austin because Jason got sent home to save him. Shelli said Austin is not trustworthy.

big brother 1717 shelli clay nominated 2015

James called everyone for the veto meeting. Clay said Shelli is his favorite person to play the game with. Shelli said that she thought she and Clay had been good to everyone in the house and didn’t deserve this. James said he felt like Shelli and Clay turned their backs on him. He then said he wasn’t using the veto on Shelli or Clay. Clay said that even though he is competitive he thought Shelli had a better chance of winning the game than he does.