BIG BROTHER 1717: Shelli & Clay Cry Foul On Nominations

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We returned back to the endurance episode of “Big Brother,” where the head of household competition took place. Meg said that Jason was her best friend in the house and now that he is gone she had to win head of household. Liz said she was nervous because she knew she and Julia were targets. Vanessa said if James or Jackie won head of household Vanessa would be going up for eviction. Becky said winning the head of household competition would guarantee her safety in the game for this week. James said he needed to win to change the pecking order and that all his troops are being assassinated. Vanessa said it was brutal to not be able to compete in this week’s head of household competition.

Austin said he was trembling but was visualizing a kiss from Liz. Steve and Austin were eliminated from the head of household competition and then Julia and Meg got eliminated too. James said he had to stay in the competition because if he lost the other house mates would get him evicted. Jackie was then eliminated from the head of household competition. This made James feel like all the weight for winning it was on his shoulders. He said he was trying to play mind games with Clay to make him think he couldn’t win head of household. Becky and Clay  were then eliminated from becoming the head of household this week. Vanessa said James couldn’t win this week’s competition. James said he didn’t know if he could trust John  but he knew he couldn’t trust Shelli. He also said he was out for revenge. Clay said Shelli needed to win head of household this week. Shelli said she didn’t know if it was in her best interest to win head of household again. James ended up winning this week’s head of household competition.

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Audrey said James winning head of household was scary for him. Shelli said she believed James would keep his word to her to keep her in the game and that she thought he was smart enough to stick to what he promised. Liz said she was freaked out about her and Julia’s safety in the game because she never bonded with James. Meg said James winning was like a win for her too. Vanessa said she was nervous about who James would nominate for eviction this week. Julia said Austin told the enemy what her real name was and that she needed to talk to Liz to get to the bottom of this. Austin said that Jason got what he deserved last week and Julia went after Austin for talking about her behind her back. Austin tried to do damage control with Julia. Julia said she didn’t trust a word Austin said. She said she would forgive what he said about her but never forget it.

Shelli told Vanessa she couldn’t win head of household again because it would make her a huge target. Vanessa said she was afraid she wasn’t important to Shelli in this game. Austin said he was frustrated because Julia was still mad at him. He asked Clay and Shelli to talk to Julia on his behalf.

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James said Shelli was his target because she is the queen of the house and is doing all Clay’s work. Becky asked Shelli and Clay to win Power of Veto in the house for this week. Clay then told Shelli they had to go talk to James. Shelli said she was pissed off because she thought she was better off not winning head of household but now she is not so sure about that. Vanessa admitted to James she dropped the ball last week when she put Jason up for eviction. Vanessa told James it would be smarter for him to make a big move as head of household. Vanessa said she was so vulnerable this week she had to look out for herself in the game. James called Vanessa a straight shooter and said she might be able to win head of household for the third time. Clay told James he and Shelli felt like they were being targeted in the game. James said Clay and Shelli wouldn’t own up to their part in getting Jason sent home last week. James said he was weighing his options and he had a big decision to make. He said he wasn’t scared to get blood on his hands in this game.

clay shelli cry foul up for eviction big brother 2015 1714

James began the nomination ceremony and chose Clay and Shelli. He said they blindsided him last week and he had to take her out now. Shelli called James out on making a deal with her and  not sticking to it. She said she and Clay had nothing to do with Jason getting evicted last week. Clay said it was stupid for James to nominate him and Shelli for eviction. Vanessa said this was a bad game move on James’s part. Shelli said it was more important than it ever had been before for herself or Clay to win power of veto this week.

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