BIG BROTHER 1729: Vanessa Turns Things Around

vanessa changes up big brother 1729 recap 2015

vanessa changes up big brother 1729 recap 2015Vanessa is proving to seemingly be the smartest player in the house, and on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” the head of household competition continued. Shelli said it was the most important competition so far and she might go from the jury house to the head of household. Steve said he was afraid if Jackie got pack in the house she would target him for eviction. Becky said she wanted to get back in the game to get Vanessa out of the house. Austin said this was the worst head of household competition for him to have to sit out of.

Julia got eliminated from the head of household competition. Meg said she had to stay in the competition so she and James would be safe. Meg and Steve were then eliminated from the head of household competition. Shelli said if she got back in the game she was going after James because he got her and Clay evicted and separated. James was then eliminated from the head of household competition. Liz was then eliminated from the competition too. She said she was putting all her faith in Vanessa to win. Becky and Shelli were also eliminated from the competition, leaving John to go back into the Big Brother household. Austin said if John wins head of household Austin is done. Vanessa became the new head of household for the week and she said that anything is fair game. Liz, Julia and Austin were thrilled Vanessa won it. Julia said she and Liz were scared with John back in the house and they had to get him out again before he targets one of them.

James said he was stressed over Vanessa being head of household and that he doesn’t know how close she is to the twins. Meg said she hoped Vanessa saw Austin and the twins as a bigger threat than her and James. John said he felt safe this week and Steve was happy John was back in the house. Steve said he was concerned he’d be a target because everyone knows he is working with John. Steve also said he was feeling good about his relationship with Vanessa in the game. Vanessa said her target for the week was James and she wanted to see if Austin had her back.

Vanessa refused to go after John but wanted to target James and Meg instead. Liz said Meg and James had been riding on the twins’ coattails and that they felt fooled by Meg and James and wanted them out of the house. Austin said Liz was special to him and he wanted to keep seeing her after the season is over. He asked Liz to be his girlfriend and she accepted. Vanessa said she wanted to trust Austin but wanted to find out from Meg and James if she could. Meg and James argued about who Vanessa should  nominate for eviction, which Vanessa said was a reason for her to target them. James told Vanessa he’d be willing to get Austin and/or one of the twins up for eviction next.

Vanessa started the nomination ceremony for this week’s eviction. She nominated Meg and James but said it wasn’t personal. Meg felt like she was being played in the game and James is the only one who has her back. She said if James gets evicted her game would fall apart. James said he kind of regretted not telling Vanessa about a deal made.