BIG BROTHER 1720 Becky Thumbs Down On Vanessa

becky thumbs down vanessa big brother 1720

big brother 1720 shelli steve noms eviction 2015The house turned around for tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Shelli said she wanted revenge on James for sending Clay home. Vanessa said she felt like a target and that scared her. Steve said Becky was the only one he wouldn’t want to see win head of household because she was a threat to him. John said this was the most important head of household competition for him because now he’s one of the biggest targets in the house.

John said Vanessa was always involved in blowups in this game. Vanessa asked James if he had something against her. James denied talking to John about Vanessa. Vanessa then talked to John and asked him if James told him Vanessa was trying to get John evicted and John said no. John told Vanessa he thought she was trying to get him evicted and she denied it. John called Vanessa out on her repeated emotional breakdowns during the game. Vanessa said she had no idea what this was about and why she was dragged int it. John said Vanessa was a great player but she was also a loose cannon.

John said he had to win head of household this week so he was safe and Vanessa would go home. Jackie said she was out for revenge and blood since Clay was evicted last week. Meg said she and Austin were competing to see who was the slowest in the head of household competition, which involved walking on ice. John said he had to make sure to keep pace with everyone else. James said he is screwed if Shelli wins head of household for the week. Becky then won this week’s head of household competition and $5,000. Steve said he was nervous about what Becky was going to do and Shelli felt the same way.

Shelli said she felt completely alone for the first time in the game. She said she was a target without Clay there to fight with her and the game sucked for her right now. Meg comforted Shelli but then later said Shelli was annoying. Shelli said she had never before been a woman that would cry over a man. Shelli said she and Clay would have to go see Meg at Christmas time because Clay had never been to NYC, where Meg is from. Liz said she was worried about Vanessa because Becky almost went home because of Vanessa. She called Becky the mother of their alliance.

 becky wins hoh big brother 1720John said he was pumped that Becky won head of household because she’s a friend and she’s pretty hot. Steve figured out John was mad at Vanessa, which bothered Steve because they are the only two in the house he is close to.

Vanessa said Becky was a wild card in this game and that Becky has no strategy for the game. Becky said a few of them had agreed to Vanessa’s latest plan but Becky had a different plan in mind. Becky said Vanessa is stressed and paranoid because she sent Jason and Jeff home. James said he really wanted Vanessa out of the house. Becky said she has worked Black Friday, so she knows how to deal with Vanessa.

becky wins big brother 1720 2015Becky told Shelli many of the house guests wanted Vanessa out. She said she was trying to gain Shelli’s trust. Shelli said she was going to keep working with Vanessa but there wasn’t much she could do to save her now.

Vanessa told Becky she wanted to make an individual deal with her and Becky said no because she couldn’t stand Vanessa anymore. Vanessa said she didn’t like Becky’s game and that Becky wasn’t a good player. Vanessa said she also felt like she was a target in Becky’s mind.

becky thumbs down vanessa big brother 1720 Becky told John she was putting Shelli and Steve up for eviction. She told him to keep that information to himself and he’d be safe for the rest of the week. John then said he and his alliance couldn’t fail as a result. Becky told John he betrayed everyone in the house and that all he did was stress himself out.

big brother 1720 stats 2015Becky started the nomination ceremony. She announced she was nominating Shelli and Steve for eviction. Bexky said it was hard to put Shelli up for eviction and that she caused last week to be hard. Becky said she wanted to see Steve get his hands dirty. Shelli said she had to win power of veto this week to stay in the game. John said it was time for Vanessa to get what was coming to her. Steve called Becky his next target for pointing out he hasn’t gotten any blood on his hands during this game.

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