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Top Celebrities You Never Realized Were Video Game Nerds

Do you know what ways of escaping the negative outcomes of being famous Hollywood celebrities rely on? Check the top celebs who drown their sorrows in playing video games.

Russell Wilson Staying Pure & Ben Affleck’s Batman Commitment: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Russell Wilson has admitted to the world that he and his girlfriend are waiting for marriage before having sex. In an interview with a San Diego church he said that he wants his fans to pray for himself and his girlfriend, Ciara.

Justin Bieber Grams His Assets & Jackie Kelso Marriage Happens

Justin Bieber put his backside on full display in his recent Instagram social media post. I must say it was very daring for a boy with such a flat asset to display it so proudly.

Best Celebrity Gossip Stories Of 2014

Celebrity gossip can be really intriguing, juicy, fascinating or even heartwarming depending on the nature of the gossip. In 2014 there have been some truly great gossip stories that remind us all that not everything in the world is negative.

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