Russell Wilson Staying Pure & Ben Affleck’s Batman Commitment: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

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russell wilson staying pure for ben affleck gay marriage 2015 gossipRussell Wilson has admitted to the world that he and his girlfriend are waiting for marriage before having sex. In an interview with a San Diego church he said that he wants his fans to pray for himself and his girlfriend, Ciara. While some women may find this very romantic, many are stirring up long rumors of that the Seattle Seahawks star is gay. People in the sports media seem to be offended that he isn’t ravaging her, especially Dan Bernstein, who is co-host of Boers & Bernstein. Here’s what he had to say about all this proving that Russell Wilson most certainly had to be gay:

“If you start to piece this all together, I think you come away with a pretty easy-to-reach conclusion here,” he said. “The whole thing. Don’t you? Don’t you just wish he could feel comfortable enough to be a little more truthful with all of it?”

“I would just say, ‘Russell, it’s OK. It’s OK.’” After Boers seemed to miss Bernstein’s point, Bernstein continued: “I don’t think you’re quite getting what I am getting at. Put the pieces together. The whole Russell Wilson thing — all of the artifice here. Everything that’s going on. All the strangeness. All of the stuff with the first wife, and the discomfort there … and this isn’t a new pattern,” he said.

“And I understand there were times past where you felt you had to live a lie. This isn’t that time. This is quite the opposite of that; you don’t have to live a lie. You don’t have to be artificial.”

“My point is this: With every day that goes by, we live in a world that is much more understanding and much more supportive and would just say, ‘OK, that’s cool and get on with the football.’ “I don’t think this one is too tough. Based on the evidence presented. Do you have enough for Tom Cruise?”

hugh jackman boycotting angelina jolie movies 2015 gossipHugh Jackman is apparently no longer “allowed” to have any professional association with Angelina Jolie. During a recent interview with Australia’s version of the Today show Jackman’s wife joked that she had told his agent not to book him for any future projects with Jolie.

mila kunis ashton kutcher married up 2015 gossipMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are now officially husband and wife. The couple quietly held a small and private ceremony recently, to say their “I do’s.” This came after years of Mila Kunis swearing off marriage.

kristen cavallari baby girl announced 2015 gossipThis week Kristen Cavallari announced that her two sons will soon meet their baby sister. In a picture that she posted on her website to announce the gender of her unborn baby with husband Jay Cutler, she had a pink pair of Converse sneakers.

ben affleck batman writer 2015 gossipBen Affleck is so committed to the role of Batman that he will not only star in, but while both write and direct the next in the series of Batman movies. He is currently doing publicity for Batman Vs Superman, which will be released in theatres in 2016.

miley cyrus breaking internet 2015 gossipEver the tasteless tramp now, Miley Cyrus’s latest debacle involves her having posted Instagram photos in which she appears topless. The caption under the picture told people to break the internet because “good stuff is coming.” Hopefully that means she’ll put her clothes back on and keep them on. Permanently.

rita ora with nick grimshaw x factor 2015 gossipRita Ora is taking on a new project as she has joined the panel of judges for the X Factor auditions. She is expected to remain a judge on the show for the duration of the upcoming season.

Karolina Kurkova pregnant archie drury 2015 gossipKarolina Kurkova is happily pregnant with her second child with husband Archie Drury. She recently posted a picture on the Internet of her young son kissing her pregnant belly. In an interview with Access Hollywood Kurkova said that despite being a runway model she still cares for her family and does all of their cooking.

prince william with kate middleton at wimbledon for novak djokovic 2015 gossipWrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip is Kate Middleton and Prince William, who were spotted in VIP Wimbledon’s Center Court seat. They got to watch the number one ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic defeat Roger Federer and win his third Wimbledon title.

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