Scott Disick Ditching Parties & Kylie Jenner Website Hits: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

nicky hilton wedding gown 2015 gossip

nicky hilton kylie jenner bill cosby gossip images 2015This week’s celebrity gossip includes Nicky Hilton got married this weekend in London’s Kensington Palace. Her famous father walked her down the aisle, and sister Paris served as a member of the wedding party and did her best to deflect the paparazzi away from the bride by offering herself for photo ops. Lionel Richie performed for the Hilton family. She had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction which resulted in some of her underwear being put out on display. Unlike her sister back in the day, she was smart to wear it.

nicky hilton wedding gown 2015 gossipFashion designer Christian Audigier passed away this week as a result of a cancerous bone disease known as myelodysplastic syndrome. He received his cancer diagnosis in January of 2015. During his career Audigier worked with brands like Guess, Ed Hardy, XOXO and Deisel.

christian audigier ed hardy designer dies 2015 gossipAnother celebrity life was lost this week as Omar Sharif also passed away. This has been a bad year for celebrity diagnoses as it wasn’t until this year that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He was in a Cuban hospital this week when a heart attack took his life.

omar sharif dies 2015 gossipAriana Grande is doing damage control after her recent controversial comments stating that she hates America as a country and the American people, some of whom are (or were) her fans. Her first attempt at an apology came in the form of a video but did virtually nothing to get her out of hot water. She then released a statement saying that her choice of words was poor and she was going to take responsibility for what she said. So far there is no evidence that she has managed to convince the American public that she deserves a second chance in their eyes.

ariana grande damage control 2015 gossipAt the same time, Grande is facing possible charges for spitting on and licking pastries recently at a Los Angeles bakery. It was during this visit to the bakery, which was filmed, that Grande said what said about Americans. As if all this wasn’t enough, the role she was supposed to fill in the upcoming MLB-All Star Concert is now being filled by Demi Lovato. While rumors are that the reason Grande backed out of the All Star Concert is because she just had a wisdom tooth removed, that seems hard to believe given Grande’s current situation with the media and her fans.

scott disick bails on las vegas party 2015 gossipWith recent rumors of his cheating ways, Scott Disick reneged on inviting his fans to Las Vegas to meet up and party with him. A party he was supposed to have over the weekend was cancelled, allegedly due to the end of his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.  Now he just cancelled another high paying gig in Atlantic City this upcoming weekend. Disick was to host Pool After Dark on Saturday night for $50K, but he’s cancelled this appearance. There’s been no explanation why he’s cancelling and there’s been no word about rescheduling. He has rescheduled the Las Vegas event for July 24.kylie jenner launches website 2015 gossip

In other Kardashian news Kylie Jenner announced she is launching a website. The website will feature beauty tips for women. She already has a fashion related website she runs with her sister, Kendall.

bill cosby guilty guilty guilty 2015 gossipThe chips continue to fall as more and more evidence comes to light that Bill Cosby has drugged women he had a desire to sleep with. Now the rumor is that he is in danger of having his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame revoked, which would be a first in the history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also has a Medal of Freedom that he may end up losing as a result of his controversies although President Obama said that doing this might not be possible. The View’s Whoopi Goldberg has been pushed into changing her tune regarding Bill Cosby, and she had legal expert Dan Abrams on Tuesday discussing the case. She acted as though she knew nothing about the law which has pretty much let fans know that she’s being drug into publicly changing her tune.

giuliana rancic off e news 2015 gossipMuch to the chagrin of her fans, Giuliana Rancic will be giving up her job with E! News. While she’ll still be involved in other shows on the network the main reason she is leaving E News is because she took a job producing a show on another network and growing her line of clothes and wine.

rosie perez off the view 2015 gossipRosie Perez’s days as co-host of The View are coming to an end. She has told ABC she is leaving her hosting duties once the current season of The View wraps up. Producers are reportedly planning Perez’s farewell show. Shanka Cheryl reported that Perez was leaving the show back in January, which then got picked up causing ABC to issue a statement claiming it to be false. Of course, Shanka was right and Perez is the latest to leave the sinking ship show and Nicole Wallace is about to be right behind her.