BIG BROTHER 1710: Austin Gives Jeff Judas Treatment

clay shirtless with john jeff big brother 2015 1710

big brother 1710 recap images 2015 jeff james nominatedAustin was able to work his ‘Judas’ side on Jeff last night on Big Brother, and Vanessa said she wanted Jeff or James gone even though everyone else was targeting Audrey for eviction. John asked Vanessa if James threw the last battle of the block. James said he and his allies were going after Audrey this week.

clay shirtless with john jeff big brother 2015 1710Clay said Jeff and James had no idea they were targets for eviction this week. Vanessa said James is good at everything and that is threatening. Austin said he saw Jeff as the biggest target of the week but he would follow Vanessa’s lead. Audrey said she wanted to check in with Vanessa to make sure Vanessa is not trying to get her evicted this week. Vanessa told Audrey she was her friend not her enemy.

Austin told Jeff he trusts Vanessa. Jeff said Shelli needed to be targeted for eviction. Jeff also noticed the physical differences between Liz and Julia.

Tonight’s veto competition saw Shelli, Audrey and Austin get chosen. Jason said he was mortified that Audrey was chosen and he wasn’t.austin bulge squat judas with jeff big brother 2015Vanessa said Audrey made her and Vanessa a target when she went in Vanessa’s room to talk to her because they don’t want all the housemates to know they are working together.

This week’s game is a Gronk and Roll Vegas Party. Players had to spin a wheel and get a number they would then have to have face up on their dice after taking several steps to their platform. The person that gets it first gets power of veto for the week. Audrey won the first round of this game and then competed against John. Shelli said she was rooting for Audrey to win this game. John won the next round and James challenged Austin in the next round. Austin won and advanced in the game. Shelli then challenged Austin and said it was in her best interest if he won the power of veto. For the final round Austin competed with John, who said he needed to win so he’d be 1100% safe this week. Shelli said she needed Austin to win this round too. Austin said it might not be in his best interest to win power of veto, which is good since John ended up winning it. Vanessa said Austin had jeopardized their plan and now she didn’t know what to do.

john wins veto again big brother 1701 images 2015John said he was tired of being a pawn and sticking his neck out for everyone else. John said that when James starts feeling safe he may end up going home so he better make more of an effort in the game to prevent that from happening.

vanessa confronts austin big brother 1710Vanessa accused Austin of not trying to throw the power of veto. She said she wanted James out and wanted as little blood on her hands as possible. Austin said he was going for the win but John beat him to it. Austin said he needed to convince Vanessa he hadn’t thrown the power of veto game. Austin apologized for losing the power of veto competition and Vanessa said she was going to have to think about what she should do now.

Vanessa called everyone to the living room for the Grunk Party and told them that when Grunk called and told them to go to a party they had to do it. One was a toga dance party and one was a pool party. Another one was a shower party and one was a kitchen party. The conga party left them tired and bored. Then they had a hot tub party which they said sucked.

vanessa targets jeff on big brother 1710 images 2015Vanessa talked to Jeff and said she was struggling to do the right thing for herself but still make the other house guests happy. She said she had an opportunity to take James out this week. Clay played dumb to protect himself and Shelli. Austin said Vanessa was over thinking everything in the game. Jason could tell Austin was in an alliance with Vanessa. Austin said now he could confront Jeff about his lies and give Vanessa a reason to target him for eviction. Austin asked Jeff if he was throwing him under the bus and Jeff denied it. Austin said he thought he and Jeff were friends. Jeff said Clay and Shelli were angry at him now. Jeff told Austin no one was dragging his name through the mud. Vanessa said she knew Austin said he couldn’t work with Shelli and Clay. Vanessa said Jeff was making up lies about her.

big brother 1710 jeff john nominated for eviction 2015This week’s takeover involved each housemate trying to win a free cruise. Meg won the cruise in a drinking contest. Next came the veto meeting for the week. A dance party then broke out in the living room. John said he was using the power of veto to save himself from eviction. Vanessa put Jeff up for eviction in John’s place. Jeff said he knew Vanessa thought this was a good move but she was just Audrey’s puppet.