Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Mob Fear & Kardashian White Trash Baby Shower

jennifer lawrence scared of large crowds

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This week’s celebrity gossip, as always, must include the latest from the Kardashian clan. Kourtney started out the week with a baby shower…held at IHOP. Yes, you read that right…IHOP. As if that isn’t weird/bad/creepy enough it gets worse. Apparently Kourtney and all her guests went to IHOP in their best pajamas.

kourtney kardashian white trash baby shower at ihop images

This was her second baby shower within a week, as her family threw her a baby shower a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s style. Much to the chagrin of Kourtney’s dingdong sisters they were not able to hold her breakfast baby shower at Tiffany’s, which we all know is an upscale jewelry store you have to be rich and/or famous to even shop at. So instead they opted to recreate the Tiffany’s setting in a place where they could have breakfast. This insanity reportedly stemmed from the fact that Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Kourtney’s favorite movie, which I find a little hard to believe.

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In other Kardashian news, Kendall Jenner has been battling rumors that she is dating teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. On a recent Nightline appearance (which is disturbing in itself) Kendall addressed the rumors and reported that though people like to speculate that she and Bieber are dating they are not doing so. Kendall stated that she is not dating anyone right now, as she prefers to concentrate on her career and that Justin Bieber is simply a friend of the fractured Jenner/Kardashian family.

The proof that Kendall Jenner is concentrating on her career these days lies in the fact that she has recently been named Estee Lauder’s newest spokeswoman. Kendall stated that being able to represent the company is a dream come true for her. An executive at Estee Lauder publically stated that Kendall represents the generation of women who are always tuned into the latest fashions. He called her a powerful force within social media and stated that she will help introduce the cosmetic company to younger women all over the world.

jennifer lawrence scared of large crowds

A recent interview with Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the actress has nightmares that she is being mobbed in places such as shopping malls. She even stated that there are times when she will call a friend and ask them to get something for her at the grocery store, simply because she doesn’t want to go out in public and do it herself as this makes her vulnerable to being mobbed. The actress spoke about how down to earth she is due to the fact that she grew up far away from Hollywood and has only been in the public eye for a short amount of time compared to many other stars her age. So even though she earns big bucks from her projects she is infuriated by clothing and other items that are priced significantly higher than they should be.

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One serious item in this week’s celebrity gossip mill involves allegations that Bill Cosby is guilty of sexually assaulting several women back in 1969. One of his victims has come forward and said that he lured her into his home and asked her to help him test out some of his new material for his standup comedy routines. The victim reportedly imbibed in a Bloody Mary with him and once she had finished the drink she had passed out. She stated that she later woke up on Cosby’s couch completely naked. While under the influence his victim recalled that she told Cosby that if he had vaginal intercourse with her he would end up with an infection which would tip his wife off to his actions. According to the victim Cosby simply chose an alternative way to violate her sexually. Of course Cosby’s attorney denies the victim’s story and maintains his client’s innocence.

amanda bynes apoligizing for bizarre behavior

In slightly lighter but still disturbing celebrity gossip, Amanda Bynes continues to make headlines for her bizarre behavior as of late. Amanda’s friends recently recorded her talking about her plans to kill her father. The actress has reportedly had a strained relationship with both parents recently. Since the audio of her discussing her killing her father was leaked to TMZ, Bynes issued a public apology. In her statement she said that she had trusted friends that she shouldn’t have as they betrayed her by secretly recording her. She also stated that these so called friends were taking advantage of her mental illness. In addition she apologized for any pain her recent actions have caused her family. In a recent Twitter post she stated that when she talked about killing her father and other family members that she was only joking and that in reality she would never hurt anyone. Whether this is true or she is just trying to cover her own rear end, this girl has problems.

kenny chesney shirtless against country music

As if his female fans didn’t have enough reasons to love Kenny Chesney now they have another one. The country singer recently spoke out against his own genre of music saying that country music artists need to stop objectifying women. He stated that when he writes songs now he portrays women in acceptable ways rather than making every woman in a country music song sound like a piece of meat.

vanessa lachey pregnant pause 2014

Vanessa Lachey, currently pregnant with baby #2, stated in a recent interview that when she was pregnant with her first baby she was disturbed by the fact that even though she had a human life growing inside her, she wasn’t feeling the love for the baby that she thought she should be. According to Lachey this all changed when she found out she was going to give birth to a baby boy. Knowing the baby’s gender inspired her to be able to begin to bond with him before he was even born. She also confessed that after the birth of her son she dealt with post- partum depression.

Those are this week’s pieces of celebrity gossip. Check back next week for more on the latest from all of your favorite celebrities making the headlines