Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Twitter War

taylor swift katy perry twitter feud

taylor swift katy perry twitter feud

This week in celebrity gossip includes feuding stars, leaked wedding details and a surprise wedding among other occurrences.

The Twitter accounts of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been blowing up lately thanks to a public feud between the two. After Taylor Swift took to Twitter accusing Katy Perry of trying to ruin the singer’s career she fired back a comment that compared Katy Perry to Rachel McAdams’s “Mean Girls” character. In an interview with Taylor Swift that was recently published in the digital version of Rolling Stone Magazine she spoke of writing “Bad Blood,” a song that she wrote about a singer whose name she wouldn’t reveal. According to Taylor Swift Katy Perry has tried to sabotage Swift’s arena tours in the past. Only time will tell if the feud between the two stars continues.

In semi-related news Taylor Swift is also making the rounds in the gossip mill due to the fact that she reportedly hasn’t been on a date for a total of 18 months. The singer has a series of failed relationships trailing her and has announced that one of the reasons she is no longer dating is because it always seems to cause gossip that she is simply tired of dealing with. She also said that the pressure the gossip mill puts on her relationships makes it too hard for her to have a successful one. Swift reportedly told the media that though she doesn’t have the energy to be in love these days she is still a hopeless romantic at heart.

In a surprising move, George Clooney has announced where his upcoming wedding will take place. For a celebrity who is often hounded by the paparazzi this is an unexpected possible publicity stunt. Though it had been reported that Clooney and his fiancé were keeping tight lipped about their upcoming wedding he let some details slip at a recent private charity event.  Despite the fact that all he revealed is that the couple is going to wed in Venice, Italy this was either a carefully calculated PR move or Clooney is so head over heels in love he isn’t thinking clearly. Stay tuned to see how much of a media circus the wedding is due to Clooney’s public slip up.

Apparently Italy is the place to get married if you are a celebrity. Over the weekend, How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris slipped off to Italy to quietly wed his partner of 10 years David Burtka. The couple’s two children were a part of the wedding proceedings and it included celebrity guests such as Kelly Ripa and Elton John, who sang at the couple’s wedding reception. The small, intimate wedding was held at a sprawling castle.

At a New York Fashion Week After Party Miley Cyrus made quite the impact when she appeared topless for the festivities. Armed with only pasties covering her nipples Cyrus partied with fashion designer Alexander Wang and his many guests. Cyrus reportedly spent a good portion of the party flirting with its host, which probably explains her trashy and tasteless decision to go topless. Clearly, less is more is not a phrase Ms. Cyrus is familiar with.

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, is now 16 years old and stirring up controversy due to rumors circulating that she is pregnant. Insiders have reportedly told the Daily Star that Paris has a visible baby bump. A source that witnessed Paris on a date with her boyfriend reported that she repeatedly gave toasts, but did so with a glass of water as opposed to a glass of wine or champagne. There has also been speculation that Paris and her boyfriend are talking engagement as the couple was reportedly spotted at a jewelry store shopping for an expensive ring. The Jackson family spokesperson will not comment on the rumors regarding Paris.

Kendall Jenner is reportedly ruffling the feathers of runway models participating in New York City’s Fashion Week. Her appearance in the event is sparking anger from those who feel like she is taking attention away from the real runway models that have earned it. Experts in the industry are complaining that Jenner is taking paid jobs away from models that need them to support themselves. They feel that allowing celebrities to take the place of models counts as abuse of their celebrity status. This proves just how cutthroat the entertainment industry can be.

In a tragic twist of fate, Chicago Fire actress Molly Glyn was killed this week when a strong storm caused a tree to fall on her. The actress was bike riding at a Chicago park with her husband when the storm began. The couple was reportedly trying to escape from the storm when Glyn’s death occurred. She died at nearby NorthShore Evanston Hospital.

Reality star Kim Kardashian may be doing the world a favor by announcing that though she would have “a million more kids” if she was able to, she won’t be doing so because of the difficulty of her first pregnancy. She reportedly made this announcement after heading to San Diego to visit her sister during Kourtney’s pregnancy. After babysitting for Kourtney’s two kids, in addition to having her own on hand, Kim made the declaration that multiple kids were a lot of work. This could become the next Hollywood fad; situational birth control.

Lena Dunham recently appeared on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed with the host a wardrobe malfunction that happened to her while on board an L.A. bound flight from New York. The actress told Kimmel that while she was sleeping on the plane she must have unbuttoned her pants. When she woke up she got up to use the restroom before she realized her pants were unbuttoned. Though some may see this as TMI it is refreshing for others to see a celebrity doesn’t try to appear perfect.

This has been celebrity gossip the week of September 7th.