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How to resolve iPhone error 4013 at Home

When that scary Error 4013 message pops up on your Apple iPhone, don't worry. All is not lost with these easy steps to fix it.

Microsoft clawing back to the Surface

Microsoft not giving up on the Surface Phone

Spot It! Duel will make every family game night a memorable one

With Spot It! Duel, you have a fun interactive family game night just waiting to happen any time of the year wherever you are.

Android feels the wrath of Judy malware

As Android apps pile up in the Google Play store, malware like Judy is sure to infest it and cause some damage.

The iOS Notebook aka ‘dumb laptop’

The dumb laptop concept isn’t new. Connect a cellphone to the unit and the phone becomes a CPU. Motorola tried it before with the Atrix Lapdock and Nexdock is marketing a dumb laptop for other mobile devices including iPhones.

Nintendo Says Humbug to Android

Nintendo is enjoying the limelight once again with the upcoming Nintendo Switch, the still-in-demand-for-the-holidays NES Classic Edition and now, Super Mario Run on iOS. Well, Nintendo is getting a little flak for the latter two.

Microsoft throws shade at iOS security

The iOS curated walled garden seemed to be the perfect platform to keep viruses, trojans and other malware out of Apple’s mobile devices. Through this system, no malware can get into iPhones and iPads

iPhone 7: Summing up the rumors

Why All the Leaks for the iPhone 7? Free marketing of course. Everyone gets crazy at what the next iPhone will be like. That’s millions saved by Apple from advertising.

Hey Siri, I’m Not Your Owner, Unlock This Phone for Me

It was possible for a time for non-owners to open a locked iPhone by talking to Siri. The unassuming assistant is more than willing to allow access to contacts and photos if you know what to ask for.

Microsoft & Apple’s App Letdown

I use an iPhone 6S and before that an iPhone 4S. I love listening to music on Apple’s excellent earphones compared to those included on other phones’. Though not as on par as Apple’s I enjoy listening to music on my Nokia Bluetooth

Advertising vs Ad Blockers

Wikipedia is one of the godsends of the internet. It’s the one-stop shop for factual and historical information, almost indispensable for the common web user. Wikipedia continues to grow and expand while continuing to provide free information for all. How do they do it?

Getting Serious With Siri

“Keyboard, how quaint,” said Scotty when he uses a keyboard to type in the formula for transparent aluminum after failing to communicate by voice to a Mac. That’s how ingrained speech recognition was in the future in getting computers to get things done.

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