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NFL takes a liking to Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft is in its final year of the $400 million deal with the NFL, and it's making sure to have the Surface tablet on display even more than ever.

Facebook, Instagram benefit from Snapchat’s faltering

Remember Vine? It was that once promising app that looked like it would give Facebook and Instagram a run for their money. Then along came Snapchat, but it is looking like history could be repeating itself

Spot It! Duel will make every family game night a memorable one

With Spot It! Duel, you have a fun interactive family game night just waiting to happen any time of the year wherever you are.

Remembering the Dead: A History of failed smartphones

Remember those smartphones the were going to revolutionize technology? Here's a brief history of those that wound up losing that battle.

Send in the NES Classic Edition Clones

Rather than wait for the upcoming Nintendo gaming drop, clones and knock-offs are already appearing of the NES Classic Edition, and here's how they're doing it.

Microsoft Bytes: Windows Phone dies, Surface Hub sinks plus Calibri scandal

Byte Size News: Microsoft kills off Windows Phone, Microsoft 365 combining Windows 10 with Office Plus, Surface Hub facility closes and that Calibri font scandal update.

Kaspersky, nervous about ties to Kremlin, hands over source code

Not long after a proposal hit the U.S. Senate seeking to ban the Defense Department from using any of Kaspersky's software platforms, the company is trying to prove it has no ties to the Russian government
windows xp will never die

Why Windows XP Refuses to Die

Good old Windows XP is still around despite Microsoft’s all-out war against its own product. It’s really tough to fix what many consumers feel doesn’t need fixing. Speaking of war, not only does Windows XP refuse to die
Why Every Gamer Will Have the Xbox One X On Their Wish List 2017 images

Why Every Gamer Will Have the Xbox One X On Their Wish List

Microsoft has always tried to beat Sony's PS4. With the Xbox One X, they finally did it, and this console will be a must for every gamer.
samsung galaxy note 8 what you can expect 2017

What You Can Expect From The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming in August, rumors are swirling. Here's what you can expect from their latest model.