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vpsn for watching television safely and securely

VPNs For Safe Entertainment

Virtual Private Networks or VPN's have grown in popularly for being able to have your privacy online, but it also works great for your entertainment needs. Companies like Sling TV which are geoblocked outside of the U.S. are now available to watch through VPN's. Here's how.
sexy shirtless guy chatting to strangers online

Top 3 Benefits Of Talking To Strangers Online

Most everyone has chatted with a stranger online and most of the time it's a good experience. Here are more great reason why chatting online can be a plus.
julian assange nearly a russian diplomat 2018 images

Julian Assange nearly became a Russian diplomat and worst houseguest ever

Julian Assange has clearly overstayed his welcome at the Ecuadorean embassy in London for bad cat care skills, but attempts to get him to Russia as a diplomat fell through.
old woman trying to understand learn online slot machine games

Learn More About Online Slot Machines Odds and Payouts

Those online slot gaming sites can get confusing so here's a breakdown to better understands odds, par sheets and random number generators.

Google takes Pixel 3 to bigger place while Plus finally killed off

Google follows the bigger is better trend as its Pixel 3 is larger and lusher while the media giant finally puts the beleaguered Google Plus to rest in August.
another 29 million accounts hacked on facebook 2018 images

Another 29 million Facebook accounts hacked

Here we go again with another 29 million Facebook accounts getting hacked after they recently purged over 800 spam accounts. How much longer will users take the risk of getting hacked after so many?
new york city renamed to jewtropolis

Digital map apps not always dependable

Digital map apps have fallen prey to high tech hacking pranks proving that they might not be as dependable as we assume them to be.
voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers 2018 images

Voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers

With 2018 mid-term elections coming in November, a disturbing new report shows that voting machines in 23 states can easily be hacked. This report came from the hackers that were able to breach them.
tim cook talking about controlling kids times on smart phones

Apple, Google join forces to reduce screen time addiction

Knowing that both kids and adults spend way more time on their smart phones than is healthy, Apple and Google have joined forces to help us limit our screen time and focus on heathier things.
sexy latin man holding playing card and gambling chips

How to start playing online casinos safely

While there are tons of online gaming sites, not all are safe to visit so here's your guide to finding the right ones.

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