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Movavi Video Converter makes your movie converter process painless 2018 images

Movavi Video Converter makes your movie converter process painless

Movavi Video Converter takes the movie converting process to a whole new level of ease and quality with their SuperSpeed technology.
why the most popular games are the simplest ones 2018 images

Why the most popular games are the simplest ones

Gaming is a billion dollar industry but oftentimes we find that the most popular of all games are the simplest and least complex.
How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda 2018 images

How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's election interference indictment showed how easily social media giants Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian proganda agents. Russian bot continued provoking dissent about gun control after the Florida Parkland massacre over the weekend.
best mobile gaming apps for apples iphone x 2018 images

Best Mobile Gaming Apps for Apple’s iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X may not be selling like hotcakes but it is the best smartphone out there on the market now and these gaming apps will show you just how powerful it is.
iphone x low sales drop apple while amazon affects heath care companies 2017 images

iPhone X low sales hit Apple while Amazon plan affecting health care companies

Apple feeling the effects of releasing iPhone X so close to iPhone 8 as stocks slide 1 percent, Amazon's Jeff Bezos joins forces with JP Morgan and Warren Buffet which has hurt health care companies shares and a new wireless government 5G system idea not so hot. DOJ and SEC also investigating Apple's slowing older iPhones.
top 10 valentines day hottest tech gifts guide 2018 images

Valentine’s Day 2018: Hottest tech gift ideas for that special tech geek

Not quite sure what to get that tech gadget geek for Valentine's Day? MTTG has compiled a Top 10 list of the hottest tech gadgets of 2018 that you'll want to get for either yourself or that special someone.
ai continues getting smarter with reading 2018 images

AI continues getting smarter with reading comprehension

Artifical intelligence aka AI just hit another milestone with reading comprehension bringing them closer to being smarter than humans.
3d projection mapping hits pushing holograms out

3D projected images proving better than 3D holograms

Move over 3D holograms as 3D projected images are looking to take over tech and gaming now.
tech bits bytes cortana beaten by alexa and nintendo own gaming 2018 images

Tech Bits: Alexa beats Cortana and Nintendo dominates gaming

Tech Bytes: Physical keyboards aren't obsolete yet, Intel has a patch for that CPU meltdown problem, Alexa has beaten Windows 10 Cortana and Nintendo dominated gaming in 2017.

What happens to bitcoin now after the plunge?

With bitcoin taking a major plunge along with some controversial stories hitting, are more people steering clear of this investment?

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