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Google pushes Pixel 5 plus new TV service

Google continues trying to break into the smart phone market with the Pixel 5 along with their new tv streaming service.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook gets Democrat slap on 2020 Election again

As the 2020 election gets closer Democrats are having to keep reminding Facebook about monitoring disinformation campaigns.

Apple unleashes its new Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch 6 is officially out so should you buy the fully loaded one or the SE? We help make the choice easier for you.

Sixty percent of stores not reopening, Yelp reports plus what’s closing

Yelp is reporting that 60 percent of stores won't be reopening after the pandemic. Plus we report all the stores shutting for good in 2020.

Oracle beats out Microsoft for TikTok, but did they really win?

Did Oracle win out over Microsoft in acquiring ByteDance's TikTok app and will Donald Trump still try to be involved?

How Do Graphics in New Online Slots Differ from the Old Ones?

Gaming has come a long way and technology has only improved graphics to lure in more online gamers.

Professional Approaches to Attract New Instagram Audiences

Social media is still important for growing your brand and business. Here are some steps to insure your social media is growing with you.

Why Blu-Rays and 4K Blu-Rays Always Beat Streaming

While streaming services offer plenty of movie options nothing beats 4K Blu-Ray disc quality. Here's why.

Huawei chip supply out in September due to U.S. China sanctions

Huawei declared that it will run out of chips for its smartphones in September due to U.S. China sanctions.

Is TikTok worth Microsoft giving a piece of the sale to Donald Trump?

Now that Donald Trump wants a piece of the sale between Microsoft and TikTok, will it really happen?

How to resolve iPhone error 4013 at Home

When that scary Error 4013 message pops up on your Apple iPhone, don't worry. All is not lost with these easy steps to fix it.

America knocked out of Privacy Shield by EU top court

America was blocked from Privacy Shield in a European Union court ruling fearing the US would be snooping.