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Modern Technology and Filmmaking

Modern technology has made it a little easier for filmmakers to land financing for their films as it helps cut high budget costs.

How to Make a Motorized Monitor Using Linear Actuators

If your living space is too small but you nevertheless have the urgent desire to install a large plasma or 4K...

NFL legend Jerry Rice tackles silent killer among millennials, chronic kidney...

NFL legend Jerry Rice is tackling chronic kidney disease which has become a silent killer among millennials and people of color.

Top 5 Use Cases for Amazon Firestick

Amazon's popular Firestick does much more than just stream video from Amazon Prime. Here are the top 5 best uses many customers don't even know about.
amare stoudemire glasses during nba games

Cracking the Secrets of NBA Players’ Glasses – How They Keep...

Ever wondered how some NBA players can play without wearing any glasses? Here are some that do wear specs you might now even know about.

How to make a TV Lift Cabinet

You've seen those fancy cabinets where the TV just pops out of it with the flick of a button, Now you can build your own and here's how.

From screen to slots: 5 of the very best TV and...

2019 brings in the top 5 very best movie and tv themed slot machines.