Upcoming Games to Look Forward to

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If you are an avid gamer there is nothing better than looking forward to a new release of your favorite video game. Especially in a world that is requiring us to be more socially distant than ever, gaming might be something you enjoy more than ever.

In some cases, you might want to wait for the newest release of your favorite game, and there are plenty of great updates being made this year.

Or, you might want to consider branching out and trying something new that you have not played yet. Casinos are now available online and could be something that you want to look into playing.

In addition to looking forward to upcoming games, you can also consider upgrading your gaming console as the PlayStation 5 recently was released with amazing new technology.

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Upgrades to your Old Favorites

There are a lot of games, like Madden and other sports franchises, for example that put out new upgrades every year. Avid gamers and followers eagerly look forward to the release date with some even celebrating a “Madden Holiday,” taking a day off work or school to play the game when it is first released.

Sometimes the most comforting feeling is just knowing that something you love is going to come out with an improved version. Think of an upgrade to your favorite video game like a serving of your favorite comfort food. It’s not exactly new and exciting, but it is warm and comforting and brings you a lot of enjoyment.

Typically, many games have new versions released at the same time every year. If that is the case for your favorite, you can most likely look forward to that same release date again this year. Gaming companies love rewarding their customers with pre-releases and other rewards for pre-ordering, so consider ordering your copy today so you have it the day it becomes available. With a pre-order, you might get bonus rewards and other extra features to use when the game is actually released.

Online Casino Games

If you have never used an online casino before, now might be the time you want to start. From online slots to games like poker and blackjack, if you are into casino games, it has never been a better time to start playing them online.

The technology behind online casinos is constantly improving, and online slots actually use a pseudo-random number generator to ensure that the odds of winning are always the same. These types of random number generators are actually producing billions of times each second, so the odds of winning online slots and casinos are always completely randomized.

The software and technology that exist today makes it so many new types of online casino games are coming out all the time. If you are frustrated with the selection at the moment, waiting a month could mean something new and better will come out. But, in general, you should be able to find a casino game you like, as there are many available like:

  • Online slots with many different themes from Pac-Man to Game of Thrones and everything in between
  • Blackjack and other casino table games
  • Video Poker – you can join games at different payment amounts, you can play in tournaments with a random stranger, or you can even use online casinos to host a poker tournament with your friends

The possibilities with online casino games are seemingly endless. You are no longer limited to just what is available in a physical casino. Play online and watch as new games are updated and existing games are made faster and have upgraded graphics.

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Multiple Platforms

Do you need to own more than one type of gaming system? It might not be a bad idea, since the makers of platforms are always competing to get the best games available. You don’t want to get in the middle of a console war when you are just trying to get your hands on the latest and greatest game.

Before purchasing a platform, consider what games you want to play the most. For example, if you are a baseball fan and want to play MLB the Show, you will need to get your hands on a PlayStation as Xbox and other competitors do not carry that game.

While many games are available on multiple platforms, not all of them are. If you have your heart set on a certain game, make sure that it is available on the platform you are looking into purchasing. Or, purchase games that are available across a variety of different platforms.

New PlayStation 5

If you look forward to more than just game releases, look forward to the new release of the PlayStation 5. Having just come out in 2020, it is well worth the investment. While PlayStation 4 is still a quality platform that you can enjoy for years, if you have the inclination to upgrade, the new PlayStation 5 is phenomenal.

Here are just some of the ways the PlayStation 5 is new and improved over the older model:

  • Audio: you will now have a better audio experience with entire soundscapes in games being changed. You will feel like you are part of the action like never before
  • It’s quieter: in addition to improving the audio quality of gameplay, the machine itself runs quieter meaning you will hear the games better
  • You can still play PlayStation 4 games: sometimes when consoles upgrade they do not allow you to play the games you had for the earlier version. That is not the case here, so you do not need to worry about running out and buying all new versions of your favorite games.

It’s not to say you need to rush out and replace your older consoles, but if you have the money and are looking to upgrade, go for it. Since technology continues to make great improvements it only makes sense that you will need to periodically upgrade both your games and your gaming systems.