Safe Video Ads on CBD Products

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When producing videos and ads marketing CBD products, it’s crucial to be careful and follow safe practices. Those who aren’t careful with their ads can end up with their ads flagged and banned from being shown. By following the suggestions below, an advertiser can take precautions with making sure their CBD ads are safe from adverse consequences. Worse, not following the rules below can also have the advertiser facing steep fines from states.

Don’t Make False Claims

While some people swear CBD products cure certain diseases and help with a slew of medical conditions, ads should refrain from making these claims. Until there are scientific studies and stacks of medical proof that the product works in a certain manner, advertisers can’t advertise that the products do anything medical. The person viewing the ad will need to find that cannabis information from i49 and make those health correlations themselves.

Don’t Show Product Ingestion or Use

While it’s usually okay to show the products containing CBD in advertisements, don’t take it any further. Don’t show a person consuming products with CBD, don’t show blunts, and don’t show a person smoking. Remember that the focus of the ad should be the product itself. Showing people using the items can mean that the advertisement gets taken down and the account may even be banned from advertising in the future.

Know Where These Ads Can and Can’t Be Shown

Some sites do not allow CBD or cannabis advertisements. They don’t allow pop-ups or videos, and anything related to these products is completely against the rules. Before you spend time uploading to these sites, make sure the ads aren’t against the rules. No one wants their advertiser account to be banned.

Why Some Sites Don’t Allow These Ads

Why don’t all sites allow these types of ads? It comes down to state guidelines. People viewing the ads live all over the U.S. and all over the world. Some states require state approval for this type of ad, while others require certain verbiage and warnings to be included.

Sites that don’t allow this type of ad at all have probably decided it’s just not worth facing fines from states if the ads don’t meet proper guidelines. Also, look into the state where the ad is being made. There may be laws, rules, and even verbiage that must be followed to avoid facing fines and penalties.

Keep The Target Audience in Mind

While the goal is to sell the product, advertisers still need to focus on who can legally purchase the product. While teens may be more than happy to spend their allowance on CBD pills and lotions, the target audience is still those ages twenty-one and up. Make sure it’s clear the ad is geared for grownups and grownups only. Also, only run the ads on sites that are targeted at adults.

The above are just a few safe practices advertisers need to follow regarding ads for CBD products. Don’t make false claims—let the products speak for themselves. Never show a person ingesting, smoking, consuming, or using the products. Before uploading the ad, make sure it doesn’t go against the site’s guidelines. Lastly, always keep the target audience in mind when producing the ads and when deciding which sites to upload the ads to.