cortana pi and minty pi 2017 images

Cortana Pi and Minty Pi

Amazon’s Alexa is gradually taking over the voice-assistant market devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot and Nest. But Microsoft isn’t taking it sitting down. The latest Creator’s Update to Windows 10 features Cortana
nintendo feeds eight bit nostalgia with two bit decision on nes classic edition 2017 images

Nintendo feeds eight-bit nostalgia then kills it with two-bit decision

Nintendo created a huge eight-bit nostalgia craze, but then killed it by discontinuing their NES Classic Edition. There are still some left here though.
austin russell luminar bringing safety to self driving cars 2017 images

Austin Russell’s Luminar bringing safety to self-driving cars

Austin Russell has only been legal to drive for six years, but at 22, he might be breathing new life into the self-driving car industry by creating a safer navigation system.
hottest 50   60 televisions on any budget

Hottest 50″ – 60″ Televisions On Any Budget

Whether you're looking to spend a little extra or on a budget, these 4K and HD TVs will provide you with years of stunning visuals.
cobol still in demand 2017 images

COBOL Still in Demand

There’s this pervading legend in the tech industry especially among many coders that the ancient programming language COBOL is still in use in many banking and financial institutions. Well, that is very much correct. Believe it or not
Twitter Sues Trump administration over unmasking attempt 2017 images

Twitter Sues Trump administration over unmasking attempt

Talk about irony; Twitter has sued Donald Trump's administration after the Department of Homeland Security (DSH) attempted to unmask the identity of all users that had created an account critical of him.
what im playing now cursed mountain, MadWorld and donkey kong country returns 2017 images

What I’m Playing Now: Cursed Mountain, MadWorld and Donkey Kong Country Returns

Our gaming addictions this week really mixed it up with some twisted and family friendly stuff. We started with Cursed Mountain, then on to the really fun Donkey Kong Country returns. Then things got real dark with MadWorld.
Samsung’s Version of Continuum and Other DeX Treats 2017 images

Samsung’s Version of Continuum and Other Dex Treats

Samsung is in for a comeback after the debacle of the you-know-what. What’s intriguing is that they decided to follow Microsoft’s path of turning their mobile phones into portable CPUs. Samsung DeX, short for Desktop Experience
still confused on which ps4 console is for you 2017 images

Still Confused on which PS4 console is for you?

Stumped on which Sony PS4 console unit you should have? We've got it all figured out for you.
what im playing now bully the order 1886 and i am bread still 2017 images

What I’m Playing Now: Bully, The Order 1886 and I Am Bread still

This week, I completed The Order: 1886, took a trip back to Bullworth Academy, and retried I Am Bread with the latest updates installed. Let’s take a look at what I’m playing now!