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mark zuckerberg harvard honorary graduate 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Speech full text

The full unedited text of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard commencement speech to the Class of 2017.
Samsung Electronics Hot List2

The Hottest New Samsung Tech You Must Have for 2017

amsung may have had an unfortunate year in 2016, but the company is charging forward with some of the best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches you’ll want to check out.
microsoft saves the day on wannacry 2017 images

Microsoft saves the day on WannCry?

Guess one can still count on Microsoft during a worldwide crisis. But could it be genuine altruism or heroism or a long-term preventive measure?

WannaCry: Powerful-NSA Grade Ransomware Grinds to a Halt

Wanna cry? You certainly will once your system gets hit by the WannaCry ransomware. Over 700,000 systems have been hit worldwide by this rampaging ransomware often in the groin as critical systems are forced to shut down
microsoft introduces windows 10 s

Microsoft Takes Windows to School

The world was again in awe of Microsoft’s new foray into hardware with their new Surface Laptop, it’s supposed Chromebook killer. Loaded with the laptop is Microsoft’s new Windows 10 variant, Windows 10 S, not Windows 10 Cloud
what i'm playing now ether one and pokemon channel 2017 iamges

What I’m Playing Now: Ether One and Pokemon Channel

This week was a little bit light in gameplay because No Man’s Sky is essentially here. Still, I played through Ether One on the PS4 and watched some TV with Pikachu
understanding how net neutrality affects you 2017 images

Understanding how net neutrality affects you

Most people would assume that the Federal Communications Commission would be fighting for their rights, but when it comes to net neutrality, the FCC is fighting for big telecom instead.
Will High-Tech Sex Robots Cause Psychoses 2017 images

Will High-Tech Sex Robots Cause Psychoses?

'Sex' lives for men are about to change according to a recent article written at The Guardian. Jenny Kleemna wrote on April 27th that a robot named Harmony "is the front-runner in the race
ajit pai fcc wants to kill net neutrality finally

Net neutrality back under fire from Donald Trump administration

Not long after Donald Trump signed the internet privacy repeal, the administration is looking to do the same for net neutrality. No more keeping things open and fair on the internet
animal boxing game dx

What I’m Playing Now: Table Top Racing, Animal Boxing and Far Cry 4 still

This week, I hit the tracks with Table Top Racing: World Tour on the PS4, got the hell out of Kyrat by finishing Far Cry 4 (spoiler warning), and wrapped my hands to strike with Animal Boxing on the DS.